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NPC: Hawkins

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 86, 109

A teacher of archery, follower of Xiao.


Speak the Words

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You see a pretty young elven female, apparently restringing a bow. Her experience and skiEL-DB.comll show in her sharp eyes and sure hands as she works. She nods politely as you approach.

*She sets the bow aside.* Hail! What can I do for you?

Who are you?
My name is Hawkins. As you can see, I am an archer. I have been one almost as long as I can remember. It is not so much an occupation as it is part of who I am. *She smiles serenely.*

Archers are always in demand. Most often in battle, to thin the enemy from a distance, but also as hunters, and occasionally entertainers. Archery contests are wonderful spectator sport, and most enjoy the chance to try it out themselves. I am very fond of such events, meeting with kindred spirits, though I do not feel the need to flaunt my skills like some. *She makes a disapproving expression.*

Archery to me is a calling. Some see it as just an occupation, and their skills suffer for it. Only when one puts their heart and soul into their bow, will their arrows always fly true. This was the last lesson my master taught me, and it holds true to this day.

I cannot give you his name. I was his last apprentice, and I swore I would not disturb him by sending another his way. *She smiles.* To this day, I still wonder what made him agree to train me. Somehow I doubt my childish pleading was that effective. *She laughs.*

I was rather young in years when I started on this path. I am unsure what began my fascination with archery, but when I saw my master perform his art, I knew that this was the teacher I had been seeking. And to him, it was an art, as it is to me. There is nothing more beautiful than the perfect shot. *Her eyes sparkle with the passion in her voice.*

How can I try it?
You can practice on your own. Visit the blacksmith over in Morcraven, he can sell you a bow. Training arrows would be most practical for you, since they are cheap and in steady supply. All EL-DB.comgeneral stores sell them, luckily for you. As for theory, well, perhaps when my skills rival that of my Master's, I may take on an apprentice of my own. But that would not be for some time.

*A look of disgust washes over her face.* It really angers me when people just use their god-given archery skills to show off. Do you know how many lives could have been saved if more archers like myself stepped up and fought in the Great War? We can fight from afar and clear the way for those rushing into battle.

I remember a time when General Resia called out for archers to aid in her rescue attempt of General Darcy. We stood three strong. We made a valiant effort to decrease the number of combatants for a swift rescue, but we would have had much more success if our numbers were greater.

We succeeded in killing off the Feros that held General Darcy captive. It was thanks to Resia's quick-thinking and bravery. That was the real reason for success.

*She gasps.* You don't know about General Resia? By the gods, she may have been the biggest reason that Seridia didn't fall to the armies of darkness. I fought by her side 'til her final breath in battle. She died fighting for our freedom, but even after she perished, I felt as if her spirit was guiding me and fighting next to me until the War ended.

Well Resia was not a general at the time of the rescue attempt. General Darcy led a band of warriors and Resia was one of them. After he was rescued, Darcy was left for ill and could no longer uphold his duties as general. Resia was promoted in his stead.

Darcy still lives to this day. Quite a character really. We sometimes meet up for drinks in Corren and talk about the old times, you know, before the war. He's still in charge of the armies of Corren, so you can find him somewhere in that area.

While archery requires plenty of skill, we must not forget to pay homage to Xiao, who is the patron god of all archers. I am always sure to visEL-DB.comit his temple in Tirnym to pay my respects. While my aim is true, it couldn't hurt to have divine aid guiding your bolt to its target as well.

Please train me.
I will consider it. Please return to me another time.

I must go
Take care. *She smiles politely, and returns to her bow.*