The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

Item: Heavenspawn Medallion

Base Info

Heavenspawn Medallion

Only useful if you have the Hellspawn perk. When worn, if you're supposed to Hellspawn, you'll go where you were planning and the medallion will break.

Weight: 1 emu

Stackable: no

Storage: magic

Server Description: If worn and you have the hellspawn perk, instead of hellspawning you lose the medallion.

Item ID / Image ID: 619 / 420

When Worn

Wear Slot: Neck

Break Chance on Being Hit in Combat: Very Low

To Make

Skill: Crafting

Recommended Skill Level: 47

Base Experience: 450

Food Used Per Mix: 28

Required Knowledge:
Heavenspawn Medallion Building Heavenspawn Medallion Building

Required Nexus: Artificial 3, Magic 2

MULTIPLE ITEMS: A single mix will produce 2 of this item.


Total Ingredient Weight: 74 emu

Total Final Product Weight: 2 emu