The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Heavybeard

Location: Zirakinbar

Coordinates: 27, 179

Type: Repairs

Blacksmith who may (or may not) repair some higher level weapons and armors that have degraded.


Repairs 16 items

Bring the damaged item to the NPC and the gc. You have the chance shown that the NPC will repair it, otherwise it will break and you lose it.

Used Cutlass Used Cutlass50% chance2,600
Used Eagle Wing Used Eagle Wing50% chance2,600
Used Emerald Claymore Used Emerald Claymore50% chance2,600
Used Jagged Saber Used Jagged Saber50% chance2,600
Used Orc Slayer Used Orc Slayer50% chance2,600
Used Rapier Used Rapier50% chance2,600
Used Steel Cuisses Used Steel Cuisses70% chance1,000
Used Steel Greave Used Steel Greave70% chance1,000
Used Steel Helm Used Steel Helm60% chance900
Used Steel Plate Mail Used Steel Plate Mail60% chance2,200
Used Sunbreaker Used Sunbreaker50% chance2,600
Used Titanium Cuisses Used Titanium Cuisses60% chance1,600
Used Titanium Greave Used Titanium Greave60% chance1,500
Used Titanium Helm Used Titanium Helm40% chance1,500
Used Titanium Plate Mail Used Titanium Plate Mail50% chance4,500
Used Titanium Shield Used Titanium Shield70% chance1,500