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NPC: Heimdall

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 315, 87

An orchan warrior who feels the creatures in Grubani are too weak for him.


Speak the Words

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You approach a fierce looking Orchan warrior who seems to be something mumblEL-DB.coming to himself. You decide it's safe to talk to him despite his appearance.

Excuse me. Who are you?
ME? Who you? Why you here? Tell me you name first weak one. *You feel very intimidated by this man*

My na.. my nam.. my name....
Ha! What I thought. You spineless, this place weak and so you. I will say no more to you.

No I asked you first!
Ahh good, you strong. Very well, I Heimdall. Strong Orchan, one with Throvnc's Tribe.

Throvnc's Tribe
Yes, we come here, we grow our land for tribe. But this land weak. Creatures fall before us. Not like home. Not sure good place to raise tribe. Throvnc just Shaman but he lead tribe. Find him in big hut. Let say I speak better than him! *He laughs very loudly*

Weak? I just saw a Cyclops!
Bah, that is small monster. My home have much stronger. Kill Feros when I small. Fight Dragon to be Urnak. Cyclops I kill with hands.

Why is this not a good place for the Tribe?
Too weak creatures. Young not become strong, be weak like gnome men. That why I here. Tell tribe my feeling tonight with the fire.

Yes, how you say Common....Man? Come of time? One of tribe? Brent teach me much of lanEL-DB.comguage but still not well with it. More interest in fight monsters be strong for tribe.

With the fire?
Yes all Orchan tribe meet at fire. We talk of needs and of stories. I talk of concern for weak young. Make Throvnc know of danger. Good trade here possible, but not for raising young to Urnak. But tribe may not listen because Zhena only young here.

Yes he nice. Teach Orchan common speak. He strong live with Orchan. Someday I learn more if go back. Good man though he human. He tried to teach me rhyme to talk but me found rhyme to be stupid. Make me look weak and I not weak. I meet Karnak. He rhymes. He sound like moron.

What trade is possible?
We have many plant; make good potions. Also many hunting goes on, so bring leather and food here. Maybe we teach fight to the humans they need learn more savage. Iluwen know more than I with trade.

Iluwen strong Orchan woman. She with ships. Take care of trade for tribe sell things to other races.

Well good luck speaking to the tribe!
Thanks, I think harder than fighting monster is talking to tribe. May your sword be strong with Glydoc!

She young of tribe. She woman so she not become Urnak. Only male become Urnak. Zhena help Throvnc with chores and Shaman jobs. She somewhere in jungle most time. I find her pick flowers and herbs lots.

He Orchan who not part of a tribe. He work in port city that boat go to. He act tougEL-DB.comh but Karnak is wimp compared to me. If Karnak bug you, tell me; I take care of him.

You leave now. If you find strong monster here, let me know soon.