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NPC: Helga

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 236, 101

A thug, or "credit manager" who works for Sloan, visiting those who don't pay their debts on time.


Speak the Words

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*You see a rather tiny, yet fearsome looking dwarven woman standing next to a large orchan. She is garnisheEL-DB.comd in various armor and looks pretty muscular for a female. Her gaze meets yours.* Whatcha lookin' at punk?

Yeah, punk. I don't like the ways you're lookin' at me. You better serve me up a hearty plate of respect. You DO know who I am right?

I don't.
*She looks at you shocked.* You DON'T? What in the... Guess you ain't from 'round these parts. I'm Helga. Me and my friend here help run this town. *She gestures toward the orchan.*

So you work for Nyeald?
*She bursts out laughing.* You're kiddin' right? Like that oaf has the manpower that our boss does.

Mister Sloan. He runs the finest establishment in town, the Bank of Portland. Okay so he may not run this town, but he is a pretty important person to know. He has his foot in all the right doors... and pockets. HAH.

You'd be surprised how many people borrow from Mister Sloan. You'd be even more surprised to find out how many people try to duck out on their payment schedule. Like the blacksmith. We sure scared him when he didn't pay on time. We wanted to do more than scaring him, but that's not how thing work here. Too civilized for my taste.

And Mister Sloan puts us in charge of important stuff all the time. Stuff that only we can be trusted with. We're like his two right hand men... or woman in my case. Hahaha.

Scared him?
Yeah... that Paul guy... needed a loan to open up the school in the west. He was two payments behind, so we had to pay him a visit, right Karnak? *The orchan nods and his fist into his palm.* He got him REAL good. Between my brain and Karnak's brawn, we make a good team of Credit Managers. But the people in this town are downright daft.

Important stuff
Yeah see? We're guardin' this house now. No idea what's in it, but it's not our job to ask questions! *She eyes you up and down.* You better not think of tryin' to get in either!

So you're thugs?
We prefer the term Credit Managers.. and don't you forget it! *She shakes her fist at you.* You don't pay Mister Sloan, you get a 'visit' from us. It's in the fine print of the contract. That's what Credit Managers like us are for. Too bad that damn dwarf came along and ruined our fun. And then there's that meddlesome barkeep...

Damn dwarf?
Yeah, his name was Gerund or somethin'. Came and paid off Paul's debt to Mister Sloan completely. Shame, really. We enjoyed intimidatin' some sense into him. But boy does Gerund have deep pockets. I wonder what

Mister Sloan was very pissed. Gerund came stompin' into the bank, stood up on the stool and threw a large bag of gold coins into Mister Sloan's lap. He said if we bothered Paul again, he'd have the dwarven army after us. Betrayed by my own kind!

If I was there, I would have socked Gerund right in the nose for disrespectin' Mister Sloan like that. You don't mess with us unless you want US to mess with YOU! But better that I wasn't there or I would get in trouble with the long arm of the law again. Hahaha

Meddlesome barkeep
That Laura girl has been coordinatin' protests and getting petitions signed to get rid of us. Something about our 'presence' being a damper to the town spirit. If she keeps it up, I'm sure Mister Sloan will have us pay her a visit in the very near future. Hahaha. *She spits on the ground.*

Yeah, daft. Sure, between the two of us, we can really pack a punch, but there are laws that prevent us from beatin' sense into people. I guess they assume we are willing to bEL-DB.comreak the laws, but Mister Sloan drills it into our skulls to follow the rules. He said his reputation was on the line and we'd be the ones beaten if we messed that up for him.

You best be on your way. I was gettin' tired of you anyhow.