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NPC: Hyutan

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall East Private Area Hall Kitchen

Coordinates: 36, 310

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Pie-Eating Contest

The head chef at the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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*A gnome is checking a number of pots simmering on the fires. He dashes from pot to pot, stirring, tasting, then checks the ovens. He mumbles to himsEL-DB.comelf as he continues to run around the kitchen. He turns and catches sight of you as he moves to stir another pot.* You! Did you bring more tomatoes?

Who are you?
I'm the chef, Hyutan.

A chef. A chef. Surely you know what a chef is. I'm terribly busy you know. It takes time and careful attention to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for the variety of races found here among the students and instructors.

Students and Instructors
Oh yeah, babe. They're the people here at the magic school. Beings from all races come from far and wide to attend this prestigious academy. The instructors are the finest mages in the land and second to none in their knowledge and casting abilities.

*At a table and he begins chopping up a variety of vegetables. As he adds them to a simmering pot, you catch an enticing aroma. Mmmmm!* We are lucky to have a wide variety of flora and fauna on Draia, a fair amount of which is edible. A good balance of meats, vegetables, grains, and fruit provide the necessary nutrients for the students to keep their minds alert during their studies... well most of them at least.

Plants! Did you not pay attention to any of your instructors at your school? Many plants on Draia can be consumed. Of course there are many others that would make a poor addition to the kettle. A few are even deadly. Ask Wimmip more about it. She's a student here and knows all about different plants.

Animals! Our lands are abundant with various animals. Some are quite dangerous, but most are quite tasty. Ever tried skunk liver pate? No? Hrmph. Well most have not. But a good deer roast or the ribs from a boar are quite popular. Some day I want to prepare a stuffed Arctic Chimeran Wolf! Oh! The meat on that creature is incredibly tender and tasty! Finding good help is so difficult.

Who isn't paying attention?
You know I'm rather isolated here in the kitchen day in and day out, but I still manage to hear things. Oh not on the wind like GEL-DB.comrandmaster Jerun or Aurora, but I do hear people talking while they're eating. Word is, Jonna has been causing some distractions.

Good Helpers
*His face lights up in anticipation.* Can you cook? Chop? Anything? Oh. Well feel free to seek me out again if you learn any culinary skills. There is always room for one or two more competent helpers in the kitchen. Donegal comes down and helps out every now and then. You see, we're busy because of the competition.

Grandmaster Jerun
He's the Grandmaster of Air and the reason I'm here. He asked me to come run the kitchen personally as a favor to him. When I asked him how he heard about me, he said that more than sound can travel on the winds and then he tapped the side of his nose and winked. We've been great friends ever since.

She's another friend of Grandmaster Jerun. She runs the health services office. Every now and then, when I'm training a new assistant who is less agile with a knife, Aurora takes care of them and fixes them up good as new.

Now Jonna is the one who has been creating quite a stir. I've heard every time she enters the library and Baidor is there, she waves her hands and he turns all red in the face. It's the oddest spell I've ever heard of and he seems to be helpless against it. Then there's the buzz about one of the lectures she was sitting with Jerun. She seemed to be overheating and Jerun had to cool her off.

He's another student here at the school. When he's not in class, he works in the library where he seems to be quite focused on some kind of sculpture. Since I've never been in that section of the school, I don't really know what the statue looks like.

He teaches potions here but he came from the other continent, Irilion, from a place called Irsis. He's very good at making soups and sauces, probably from all his years working at potions, he certainly knows his way around a cauldron.

The annual pie eating contest hosted by the magic school of course! I start prepping for this contest a year in advance. With all the pies I make, I need tEL-DB.como. Then there are some who like the pies so much they can't wait for the competition. *cough* Logan *cough*. Excuse my cough, I must be catching something.

But I really need as much extra help as possible. Besides preparing the pies for the competition, I still have to cook 3 meals a day plus a ton of snacks for the students throughout the day! And let's not forget the students, like Lustra, who sneak in for a midnight snack!

Poor guy has been eating too many of my pies. They are divine, but they really do go straight to your hips. He always visits reeking of stale ale for some grub. The man's a war hero, so I can't help but oblige.

Doesn't matter how prim and professional a person is, sometimes the easiest way to someone's heart is a sliver of my famous pineapple upside down cake with coconut crumbles - Lustra's favorite. I also leave a piece of it hidden in the corner for her to snack on.

Run along now. And next time don't forget the tomatoes! *As you turn to leave, he picks up some powder and throws it into a simmering kettle.* BAM! *He looks up at you and grins.* Do you think that will catch on? I have so much fun cooking.