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NPC: Iazurn

Location: Morcraven Marsh Jayden Temple

Coordinates: 358, 43

Type: Priest

Priest for the Potion goddess Jayden. Come to him to serve her.


Speak the Words

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A strict-looking Elven man stands beside the cauldron mixing some strange concoction. He looks at yEL-DB.comou and you feel as if his eyes pierce right through you. "What brings you to the temple of Jayden?"

I want to serve Jayden!
Burn, do not rush your decision. Are you sure you wish to worship Jayden? At the beginning, you'll be rank -2, so, until you are at least rank 0, you will lose potion experience.

Yes, I am sure!
You have begun your journey to becoming a member of the Order of the Stream. Your rank is currently at -2, but as you complete quests for our goddess, she will enhance your rank more. Now, what brings you to the temple of Jayden?


No, not now, thanks.
The decision is yours. When you are ready to find salvation, return to me.

Tell me more about Jayden.
Jayden is the guiding force for the Order of the Stream, which is comprised of all followers of Jayden. We use her reasoning and calmness as inspiration with our studies on ways to defeat the Curse of Mortos. We tend to keep to ourselves because our studies give little time to be involved with daily life of normal citizens, but we still find ways to promote that Jayden is the only way to salvation.

It is the only way to obliterate the Curse of Mortos... and maintain the Order of the Stream. To follow the path of Jayden is to show patience and reason and not accept the quick solution to complex problems, else the mixture will fail. Jayden is enemies with Xiao and LaForge because they do not see the true purpose of the Order.

Don't maEL-DB.comke haste.