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NPC: Iluwen

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 273, 106

Harbormaster who keeps an eye on the comings and goings of people by ship to and from Grubani.


Speak the Words

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You see a slightly muscular Orchan lady leaning againsEL-DB.comt the fence. She is keeping a keen eye on the harbor.

Who are you?
Excuse me? Is that any way to greet someone?! If you really do want to know, I'm Iluwen, the harbormaster around here.

Indeed. I'm responsible for the safety at the port. Did you by chance come by boat?

Would you mind telling me what you were doing on that ship and why you took it?

Ok. Just doing my job. I have to make sure everything is safe. And, well... you were kind of suspicious. There are more strange figures around here though. *She gives one of the cabins a weird look*

Why are you...
A harbormaster instead of a warrior? Well, that's a long story. I could just say I don't want to be a mindless brute, but there's more to it. You see, in my birth place everyone was a smith or a warrior. When I grew up they saw potential in me, but our Shaman wouldn't let me become a warrior, so I was stuck at home. I couldn't settle though, I knew there was more to the world and wanted to go on an adventure.

I learned about wooden objects that could travel around the world with only wind, and I became fascinated. I read books about ships, went to the harbor nearly every day and discovered my life belonged to the sea and its vessels.

Why wouldn't he let you?
He told me in his own way that it wasn't my true calling. learned now that he was right and I respect his guidance.

I don't really like Heimdall. He's way too brutish for my opinion. He keeps talking about raising the young and our culture, but the only young person I know here is Zhena. Also, Heimdall refuses to learn Common speech. He prefers to do things the old way.

I think the only reason he respects me at all is because he thinks I'm strong. I guess after cracking open three troll heads at once, people start thinking that kind of thing. I'm not however, as rash as he is. Remember not to appear weak when talking to him. Show no fear!

Fat Lou
He is the strangest human I have ever met. He's not very nice and acts tough, but I bet I could crush his head in seconds. I find him rather rude. If you want to risk talking to him I wish you good luck. *She mumbles something like 'poor Rabenoen'*

She gets herbs for Throvnc. The only young person here. She's cute and that's just about as far as it goes for me.

What's wrong?
Well, Fat Lou asked Rabenoen to build a ship for him. I've checked in on her every now and then, and it's really hard working with Fat Lou. I mean, she doesn't even have a good stripper yet!

*She realizes what you think and begins to blush* Oh no, not like that! It's someone who does the weather stripping. It's sealing the boat so that no leaks appear, in case you didn't know. All Fat Lou did was send her the strippers you were thinking of. That blubbery idiot. *She shakes her fist at the sky* And I can't help, I'm busy enough as is.

Yup. A new trade period just started and I've been getting ships in and out on a twenty four-seven basis. We have good trades you see. We hunt a great deal, so there is no dearth of leather, meat and other sEL-DB.comimilar goods. We also make good potions and there are many useful plants here. We also export and import wood. We don't do any mining, tailoring and other such skills, so we also buy goods from other places.

Farewell my new friend.

To Get Here
You shouldn't go playing the wise guy, but I believe you. You gotta understand that you can't play tricks on me. Of course I'm sure you get why I thought you're suspicious. There are morEL-DB.come strange figures around here. And I also understand that you walked up to me like that, it doesn't seem very likely that an Orchan is in a place like this, or speaks Common so fluently.

Strange figures
Well, there's actually a lot of them. Like I often see a red-haired Elf spacing out in that cabin over there. She always seems to be elsewhere with her mind. I sometimes wonder if she's okay. Then you have Heimdall and Fat Lou. Must I go on?

Why are you here?
Well, you see, we used to live in North Redmoon. There are many strong creatures there and it seemed to be about mining and smithery. Our tribe just happened to be strange and couldn't settle with the normal Orchan life. And that's not all, there were a stream of strangers who visted for the creatures and the dragon. The place became crowded, and the strangers took our stuff.

I told the tribe of what I had learned about ships and trade and that there were other places just like our home. I arranged a boat for us to travel on. We didn't know where we were going and we still don't know how we wound up here, but it's a nice place, sorta, so we'll be fine. I guess we're the strangers now. *She laughs loudly, until she notices you're not interested*

Why is that?
Well, us Orchans have our own language, but within my tribe most have learned Common speech. I myself learned most of it from Rabenoen, but I learned a little from Brent as well. Most people find us too brute-looking to trust, but sometimes it's good to be frightening. Helps with the job. *She winks in an eerie way*

On the second continent of Irillion. In the South there is a harbor and in the North, a large volcano with a dragon in it. Good luck getting there though. Redmoon is swarming with monsters and the path to the top of the volcano is complicated and long. Not a good place for the faint of heart.

Your tribe
Yes, I'm with Throvnc's tribe. We're seem to be taking over this land, as you might have noticed. We came from Redmoon to find a new home, but this was less than we had expected. Everyone was slightly disappointed at first, but we got used to it.

He's the Shaman and the leader of our tribe. He has a... special way of telling things. It can be scary at first, but you get used to it. I heard of people making up stories about faEL-DB.comlse visions of death, but I do think he can predict how you die. I forgot mine though; probably for the better. I didn't tell Burnt my opinion; would probably freak the poor guy out.

Well, the land here isn't as strong as we had hoped. It's fertile, but that's it. My feet tend to sink in the ground when I walk here. And the creatures are weaker. But I like it here, and I think you can guess why.

Yes, his real name is Dragburn. Other members of the tribe said Throvnc had a vision of Dragburn's death, which turned out to be a practical joke. I don't know much about it though.