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NPC: Ingrid

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Gold Cave Level 1 Gold Cave Level 2

Coordinates: 52, 23

A former student of alchemy who left that path to focus more as an event coordinator and health care issues.


Speak the Words

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You see a well-dressed dwarf smiles at you as you approach.

Who are you?
Greetings, traveler. My name is Ingrid. What brings you down here?

It seems like that's what everyone is thinking about these days. King Gondric has really stirred things up this time, that's for sure. So let me look at you a moment. *Her gaze intensifies momentarily.* I see. Your alchemy skill level is [PLAYER'S ALCHEMY LEVEL]

King Gondric
I don't know where he came up with this idea, but bless his heart he is watching out for all the dwarves and gnomes he rules. He wants to provide healthcare for us all. Isn't that the most loving and generous thing you can possibly imagine? He really cares about us and wants to see us all healthy.

How did you do that?
It's a special skill I developed while studying alchemy under Ayelle in Desert Pines. It turned out I wasn't all that great an alchemist, but what I am good at is getting to know people and coordinate events.

Is my skill level important?
It is if you want to be included. I'm putting together a group of skilled people who will be able to provide all the necessary essences to make King Gondric's healthcare plan work. We will be working closely with Circe. She's trying to make sure that magical healing is the preferred healthcare option.

What's the other option?
The other option leaves us alchemists completely out of the picture: potions! Can you believe it? *Her voice changes to a mocking tone.* Nauseous? Heartburn? Indigestion? Upset stomach? Diarrhea? No problem, drink a potion. It'll have you feeling peppy in no time. *Her voice changes back to normal.* Get real! It would be abysmal!

What's wrong with potions?
The problem with potions is that with the exception of bones powder and mercury, they don't need us. And do you know how many mercury or bones powders are needed make healing potions? None! None at all! It will be a disaster for alchemists everywhere! That's why magical healing has to become the preferred healthcare option.

Why don't you share?
Share? Why would we want to do that? Oh wait. I think I see where you're going with that. Yes. By sharing, as long as magical healing is preferred, it makes us look better to outside eyes. Oooo, you're a sneaky one, aren't you? I don't think I would have come up with that on my own. I'll be sure to tell Circe and Megera.

Who are they?
Circe is someone like me who is organizing the other magicians to promote magical healing as the primary means of providing the healthcare King Gondric is wanting. Megera is King Gondric's cousin, treasurer, and chief counsel. What King Gondric thinks up, Megera typically figures a way to make his dreams come to life. But in this case, I think she's really going to have to work hard to make this happen.

While many people are in favor of this healthcare idea, there are some vocal opponents like Galen and Nestor. Megera too may be against it as well, but I'm not sure about her.

Why are they opposed?
Galen would rather see people heal naturally over time, I think. He's a Lucaanite and hates to see Mother Nature's resources harvested in such large quantities. I think he sees it as exploitation. Nestor is a wacky crafter who thinks that by selling so much gold, it would make his jewelry less valuable, thereby impoverishing everyone. Like I said, wacky!

So what about Megera?
Trying to talk to her about this healthcare plan is getting more and more difficult. Everyone is talking to her trying to express their point of view. If I were in her shoes, my head would be spinning, I can tell you that. But I'm afraid our time is limited.

Why limited?
Because one of those association of busybodies and blabbermouth reporters has been poking her nose into our business. Her name is Beth Ann and I've seen her talking to everyone. I'm willing to bet that it won't be long before she'll have everybody's business published in that newspaper she works for.

You mean A.S.S.?
Yes, that group. See? You recognized them right ofEL-DB.comf. Just goes to show what everyone thinks of them.

Why would that be bad?
Imagine the chaos once word gets out about this. If we're not organized up front before everyone knows, then how will we keep out those who only want to profit for themselves? This healthcare plan has the makings for a gold rush the likes of which Draia has never seen. That's why I'm having conversations with Circe in secret.

That sounds dishonest.
No. Not at all. It's just the nature of politics. There's absolutely nothing dishonest about politics. But anyway, when the time comes, I'll remember you and may call on your alchemy skills to help get us through. Thanks for stopping by.

So long.