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NPC: Ios

Location: Isla Prima

Coordinates: 26, 30

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Summoning Supplies

Captain of the ship that sails between Isla Prima and White Stone.


Speak the Words

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*Standing near a ship you see a friendly looking man whose sleeves and pants are billowing in the wind coming in from the sEL-DB.comea. From the way he is looking at the ship, the sky, and the waves, you get a strong sense that this guy knows about ships*

Who are you?
I'm Captain Ios, my friend. How can I help you?

Is that your ship?
That she is. You're looking at the busiest ferry in all of Draia. If it weren't for Karyssa, I'd certainly have no free time whatsoever.

Where does it go?
The Godmother will carry you safely to the mainland of White Stone whenever you wish. Be warned though, White Stone can be dangerous after dark. From 3:30 in the evening until 00:30 the following morning. These are the hours of darkness, when Gargoyles move freely around White Stone. But if you are careful, I'd suggest traveling to Tirnwood and visiting Haidir.

How much does a trip cost?
For a friend like you, there is no charge at all. I know what you're thinking; how could he possibly make any money giving away free trips all the time? The answer is quite simple; besides transporting people from here to White Stone and back, I have an exclusive contract with the local businesses. How else would Reca be able to stock her bar?

How do I work it?
When you wish to go, use the flag. Do you see the image on the flag? It looks like a unicorn, right? That image tells you where you'll end up once you use the flag. Each region of Draia has its own flag image. In just a short time you'll begin to recognize them at a glance.

How do I go to other places?
There are other ferries and ships that lead to other destinations. On the White Stone docks, you'll find two ships: The Godmother, which will bring you back here, and The Black Raven II, sailed by my friend Captain Kane, which will carry you safely to Desert Pines. I'd be weary of his ship, though. Last I heard, his ship is infested by vermin.

But don't worry, it'll still get you to Desert Pines just fine. From therEL-DB.come you'll find other ships, but I think you're beginning to get the idea.

There's a bar here?
Yes, about due North from where we're standing right now. It's run by my good friend Reca. If you didn't know about the bar, perhaps more exploring is in order. Don't let me stop you. *He smiles* The magic of travel is open and available to all of Draia's residents. If you ever have questions about boats, traveling or the seas, feel free to seek me out.

There are others on this island as well who are very knowledgeable and always willing to help, too. Take Kyra for example...

He's quite a cheerful fellow and very eager to get help with his business. He's an exterminator, you see. If anyone has a pest problem, he's the one to call. He usually has work for people of all strengths. If you seek him out, I can guarantee you will learn a thing or two.

She's a huntress living on this isle. She doesn't mind visitors at all and she can tell you about the multitude of trades you can learn. She even gives recommendations as to what people you should seek out to learn more about the various skills. If the Gods interest you more however, you'll want to talk to the old man up North.

Old man
He's a very odd fellow... he's been around this isle for as long as I can remember and I still haven't caught his name. *He shrugs* Oh well. He's still a friendly chap and he can tell you a lot about the myths of the lands.

She's my first mate and possibly one of the best first mates there are! She's originally from Lakeside, so when she's not helping me with the ship, she's spending her time at home. If something would ever happen to me, I know in my heart that Karyssa will be able to take over this vessel as its new captain.. it's in her blood.

May your sails be ever fuEL-DB.comll, my friend. Farewell.