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NPC: Itilli

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Registry Room

Coordinates: 84, 88

Type: Bookseller

Bookseller in the Tarsengaard Magic School, specializing in books about Jewelry, rings, medallions, and other crafting items.


Sells 37 items

Book of Enhanced Sun Medallion Book of Enhanced Sun Medallion30,000
Book of Enhanced Unicorn Medallion Book of Enhanced Unicorn Medallion30,000
Book of Medallion of Mana Book of Medallion of Mana20,000
Book of Medallion of the Gatherer Book of Medallion of the Gatherer20,000
Book of Saving Stone Book of Saving Stone30,000
Crown of Life Building Crown of Life Building25,000
Crown of Mana Building Crown of Mana Building25,000
Crystal embedding Crystal embedding500
Desert Pines Ring Building Desert Pines Ring Building1,500
Diamond embedding Diamond embedding2,000
Disengagement Ring Building Disengagement Ring Building10,000
Emerald embedding Emerald embedding1,000
Generic Medallions Building Generic Medallions Building250
Generic Rings Building Generic Rings Building150
Gold Medallions Building Gold Medallions Building500
Gold Rings Building Gold Rings Building400
Harvester Medallion Building Harvester Medallion Building10,000
Heavenspawn Medallion Building Heavenspawn Medallion Building10,000
Isla Prima Ring Building Isla Prima Ring Building1,000
Jewlery Technology Jewlery Technology200
Medallion of Life Building Medallion of Life Building10,000
Moon Medallion Building Moon Medallion Building10,000
Naralik Ring Building Naralik Ring Building1,500
Portland Ring Building Portland Ring Building1,500
Ring of Damage Building Ring of Damage Building5,000
Ring of Mana Destruction Building Ring of Mana Destruction Building5,000
Ring of Massive Mana Destruction Building Ring of Massive Mana Destruction Building10,000
Ruby embedding Ruby embedding1,000
Sapphire embedding Sapphire embedding1,000
Seridium Medallion Building Seridium Medallion Building10,000
Silver Medallions Building Silver Medallions Building500
Silver Rings Building Silver Rings Building500
Stars Medallion Building Stars Medallion Building1,500
Sun Medallion Building Sun Medallion Building1,000
Unicorn Medallion Building Unicorn Medallion Building3,000
VOTD Ring Building VOTD Ring Building3,500
WhiteStone Ring Building WhiteStone Ring Building2,000