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NPC: Ivin

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 31, 193

A not-so-bright brother of Kaleb, who plays "hide and seek" with fish.


Speak the Words

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*As you approach a darkly tanned man standing on the end of a dock who is staring intently into the water, he turns to you urgently.* Shhhh! You'll scEL-DB.comare them away, *he whispers. Turning, he then begins whispering a chant.* Here, fishy fishy fishy. I don't want to hurt you, I just want to catch you.

Sorry, I'll be going.
Oh... Ok... It's not good to scare the fishies. Def...Definately. Hey, no running!

Fishies are my friends. I like how they sparkle in the sun. I have my bucket and I'm close to a necessary so I'm ready for my fishy friends to come over and play.

Kaleb always tells me to make sure I'm always around that necessary place all people go to when they need to... you know. 'No messies in the pants, Ivin.' That's what Kaleb says to me all the time.

We play hide and seek all the time. They are really GOOD at it. You know? I don't know why. But there was this one time, I saw one and I reached in the water real slow like Kaleb told me and I caught him! He was so happy and I was so happy. I tried showing the pretty ladies my talent, but they just ran off.

My brother Kaleb takes care of me when I'm at home. I help him with his chores.

He was the happiest fishy I ever seen. He just kept a waggin' his tail real fast, but I hanged onto him real good. Then I hugged him and he yicked me.

Who are you?
Me? I'm Ivin. Do you wanna be my friend? YoEL-DB.comu can help me find where the fishies hide.

Where is your brother?
He's at home on the farm in Tarsengaard. He's the best brother. He made me my own house near his house and I take care of it real good.

You know... When you kiss a fishy and then you find yicky stuff on your face. After that, Kaleb said I was a fisher MAN. Yeah. I'm a fisher MAN and I have my bucket and I'm close to the necessary too.

This is Portland.
I told you the fishies was playin' hide and seek with me, so I followed them here. I sure hope they're in the mood to lead me back home. Oh look! There they go. I gotta go now.

Pretty ladies?
Yes. I don't know their names but they both look very much alike. Both pretty blue skin and white hair. The one smelled very pretty, too! The other tried asking me questions for some sort of story, but she left me after I explained my necessary.

Bye bye.