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NPC: Jace

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 74, 113

An archer looking to participate in a tournament at the arena, as well as get a special bow made by Dragburn.

(Note: Some of his speech about the arena, including having a no-magic area, is dated from earlier versions of the game. There is no longer such a no-magic area.)


Speak the Words

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*You see a man messing with an arrow, he holds it up and looks at it closely and EL-DB.comthen notices your approach* Hey you there! Come here... does this look straight?

Who are you?
Oh right right, first things first. My name is Jace, archery accoutrement tester extrodinaire! Nice to meet you, now does this look straight? *Jace hands you the arrow*

Yeah looks straight...

Ok, well guess I need to test it more. I wish Dragburn woulEL-DB.comd tell me more about these things when he gives them to me.

Yup that's what I do, test arrows, bows, and whatever Dragburn thinks relates to archery. Someday I hope to be a great archer and compete, but for now I'll train and test his stuff. Nahark gives me a discount because I'm here so much at his arena. He might have some deal with Dragburn though too, since they are both Orchan buddies and all.

Skinny orchan guy. He's somewhere out designing a new project of some sort or another. He gives me lots of equipment to test. Like this arrow. *You hand the arrow back to Jace* See it looks straight but when I fire it the thing well.... it zig zags...

It's not that it doesn't go straight I can hit the target with it no problem but.... I don't know, it just doesn't make sense. I'm sure he'd have some explanation, I just wish he'd tell me what it's going to do before I fire it. Scared me so bad I left the arena and now have to pay again to get in.

Compete where?
The Draia International Archery Tournament of course! Only THE most prestigious competition around. But I need a bow that will match those ones the Elves have, those things shoot so well. So I'm testing stuff for Dragburn and in return he's working on a bow design for me. I hope he finishes before the next tournament.

Ok tell me you didn't notice that big blue orchan over there?

Elven bows are different?
Well they must be. All the tournament winners use them. Way too expensive for me to get my hands on one yet. That's why I hope helping out Dragburn works out in the end. Gotta take a chance sometime I guess. Then I'll show up with a new tricked out bow and show those elves what a human can do! *He ponders for a second* I sure hope that reporter isn't here to spill the beans about Dragburn's bows...

Ok so who is he?
Nahark is the owner of this arena. Pretty rich guy now I think too. Lots of big wig archers come here and train. He started out sEL-DB.comelling books to teach people about summoning and fighting and such and then he and his partner Gazhanar opened a pair of arenas.

Yeah he was more into the summoning stuff than the archery. Made an arena up in South Kilaran for summoning. But I think he got sucked into a bad purchase and then the Great War broke out and pretty much ruined that area. Plus I'm not sure he knows how to manage it well.

Can't manage it?
Yeah, he lets people in for free...for free! Who does that? I don't think Nahark would ever even consider doing that. Nahark even paid a consortium of mages to come and create a no magic zone around his arena so that people couldn't teleport into it when he wasn't looking.

No Magic
Come on, you really don't pay attention do ya? Didn't you hear the public service announcement as you walked toward me? 'Be forewarned, magic cannot be cast in this area.' I think he had to pay for that to, but not by choice. Some of the warriors asked for it after trying to kill a monster and then not being able to heal afterwards.

So Throvnc made him change it. Not sure how he told him though. Never heard that guy speak. Anyway they made him hire another mage to put up the announcement so that people would know when they entered the no magic area.

Who can't speak?
Throvnc, and I don't know if he can speak or not. I never had heard him speak but I also kinda avoid him. He gives me the willies to be honest. Some kind of Shaman or something to the orchans here. But enough chatting I should get back to testing this stuff.

What reporter?
I think her name is Kathryn. Last I heard, she was working on a story about the Orchan colony and the mutually beneficial relationship it has with the archery arena.. But perhaps that is just a ruse... you can never test those reporter folk.

Yeah well you know where to find me now, EL-DB.comthat is 'til I win the tournament! Later!