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NPC: Jade

Location: Tarsengaard

Coordinates: 155, 215

Originally from Irilion, Jade moved to Tarsengaard to learn tailoring from Tailorica.


Speak the Words

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*You see a lovely, young woman in the alley sitting next to a patch of Yarrow. She sees you smiles.* Hi there. What brings you to this part of town? Not many people wander over this way.

Who are you?
My name is Jade. I would ask for yours, but Radu would rather not code your answer. *She smirks.*

This part of town
Well, there aren't many points of interest over this way. I mean, you can head up north and find the magic school or the docks. Or, you could venture east and find the barracks, crafting school and storage. This corner of the city is just kind of... forgotten. *She shrugs.* It's okay, sometimes it pays to go unnoticed.

Hehe, ahem, and your job?
Right to the point, aren't you? Well, I'm a tailor... kind of. You see, I moved here to Tarsengaard from my home in Portland to learn more about tailoring. I've always been quite handy with a loom, but never had the direction to perfect my skill. Seridia isn't best known for producing famous tailors so I came to train with Tailorica - he's the closest thing to one.

Magic School
It's the very large building on the coast and is the home for dozens upon dozens of powerful mages. At least they have an assortment of teachers to learn their craft from.

It really isn't that interesting to be honest - just a bunch of bunk beds with a cranky dwarven woman running it. I think her name is Daritha. When I first came here and was looking for a place to stay, I considered the barracks, but let's just say that it was too much work - calloused hands aren't very useful for threading a needle.

Crafting school
That institution may be small, but like the magic school, it's a great place for any student to hone their crafting.. craft. A draegoni named Azra runs the place. He's a very knowledgeable man to talk to about crafting, but he preaches a little too much about Zarin and her teachings.

I actually prefer to call it Bobland! *She giggles a tad.* That is, after the goblin that walks around the streets of Portland. When I was younger, I was of Bob. But now that I'm older and stronger, he's more of a joke than anything to me. I miss my house there; it's a mansion compared to what I'm living in now.

He's not known to be a teacher, but he is one of the only tailors well-known on Seridia. You see, he runs the tailoring store - the only one on this continent, too. He knows quite a bit about tailoring so he's an appropriate teacher. Though, if I truly want to master my skill, I will most likely have to travel to Glacmor.

She is the patron goddess of crafters, but from what I'm told, she is quite a bitch! *She glances around to make sure no one heard her.* I should be careful... there are many Zarin worshippers in the area since the temple is in the south part of Tarsengaard.

Living in now
*She points to the door behind her.* That's my house right there. It's not much, but it suits my needs for now. At least I have this Yarrow growing outside. I've been able to harvest and sell batches of it to potioners.

It's the fashion capital of the world! *She appears very excited.* Any tailor who wishes to excel will go there to model their designs. It's the location of Galienne's Fashion Runway! Galienne, if you didn't know, is the tailoring goddess. Her temple is also found there. I can't wait to visit there one day! I've heard so much about it from Enora, I get so excited thinking about it!

Are there other tailors?
There are a few others that I know of. There's Adnama who lives in the Forest of the Fall, but she seems more like a blacksmith than her self-proclaimed tailor title. Then there is Chanel, the royal tailor to the Luxin's. She's such a snob that I'd rather not even talk about her.

I also found this woman by the name of Gemma who is a tailor by trade in Mynadar. She seemed like a good master to learn from, but she was too worried about profiting from some healthcare bill that's going on within the Dwarven kingdom. As you can see, I do not have many tailors to look up to.

Why is she a bitch?
Most know Zarin to be the goddess of beauty, but I have heard the stories. Her lust and vanity bring her to peEL-DB.comrform evil deeds to us mortals. In fact, I'd even consider her to be an evil god, much like Mortos or Selain.

It's fairly useful to potioners you see. I believe they use Yarrow to create poison antidotes, potions of evasion and even extracts.

She is the only cleric of Galienne that I know of on this continent. She travels throughout all the lands of Seridia, spreading the word and teachings of Galienne, like most clerics do. Her words wooed me into becoming a follower of my Goddess and I am thankful for it everyday. Her guidance truly is an inspiration to me.

I'll see you around. Don't be a stranger - it gets lonely over here sometimes.