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NPC: Jandir

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Flower Shop and Blacksmith

Coordinates: 58, 168

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Blacksmith's Dvarium

Eldest of the Mithril Clan, Jandir is attempting to re-open the blacksmith shop in Valley of the Dwarves.


Speak the Words

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You see a female dwarf. She appears EL-DB.comto be a very hardworking individual.

Who are you?
My name is Jandir Mithril, the eldest of the Mithril Clan.

I am currently trying to reopen the blacksmith shop here in Mynadar. My father ran it ages ago, but his time has passed and it's my turn. If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.

Mithril clan
We are an old clan, though not quite as well known as we once were. Our brother clan, Mithrilfist, surpassed us when Gondric took his kingship. But our clan endures and will prosper again in time.

A clan of humble beginnings which prospered due to Aluwen's blessing. Many were once proud members of the Mithril clan in times past. The clan was born out of a betrothal between two dwarves, one from clan Mithril, and one from clan Hammerfist.

Usually when two dwarves wed, one joins the clan of the other, but sometimes they join their honorable names to forge a new clan, along with some of their brethren. And thus, clan Mithrilfist was born.

You do not recognize the name? He is renowned in dwarven tales and well-known even to human ears. He is our king. He saved our nation in the Great War. But do not ask me of the Great War, it would take more breath to tell than even I have to spare. *She smiles slightly at the joke, and continues.* Besides, it pains me, as it does all dwarves, to speak of the ruin wrought here upon our mighty race.

He used to have his home and livelihood here in Mynadar. But as the years passed and still EL-DB.comMynadar lay in ruins, he lost heart and returned to the mines of his birth to end his days.

It was once my father's, but he bequeathed it to me when he returned to the mines for the last time. I have not yet made my name in the clan, so I plan to reopen the smithy until I find my calling. Gerund has been very supportive of my agenda, Glilin bless his soul.

The role to which a dwarf is destined in life. I am uncertain as to what that is, so for the time being, I shall make my trade as a smith. Perhaps in time, I shall have the means to travel the lands and search for my calling...

By the gods, he's the patron god of all blacksmiths! His temple is found in Nordcarn, as it should be. He's at home with his people.

His people
*She leans closer to you.* Well I was in Glilin's temple the other day visiting Baostas for a blessing. He wasn't in his normal spot, so I looked around. As I rounded one of the corners, I overheard him speaking with some of the other priests and they were talking about these ancient texts they found about Glilin.

It turns out, Glilin was once a mortal dwarf just like me! It's absolutely incredible to know that someone that was a descendent of our proud race ascended to godhood. This obviously isn't a well known fact. I don't tell other dwarves very often because I feel it could start some religious wars, and that's more trouble than not.

Once mortal
I don't know the whole story. I only heard some of the more important parts of the story. I heard someone coming my way, so I left the temple without anyone realizing I was there, let alone that I heard what I heard. It does make me wonder a bit about Dvar though.

He runs the smithery south east of here, but does much, much more. He funds all the blacksmith schools on Seridia and still finds times to do community service projects in the Mynadar and NEL-DB.comordcarn regions. He has so much pride for his race and craft... and he has such a good heart. If there were ever another mortal dwarf promoted to godhood, Gerund would be it. *She swoons.*

He is the father of the dwarven race. He created us in his image. While his name isn't as common as it has been in the past, Dvar is still commonly worshipped by dwarves. You may have heard his name used in a different context.

Different context
Thanks for the Dvarium ore, I am having a lot of fun with it.

Hope to see you around! I'm sorry for talking your ear off, I'm just eager to get settled in here, and get to know the locals. *She smiles and waves as you depart.*