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NPC: Jasper

Location: Desert Pines Jasper's House

Coordinates: 53, 127

Corren's tax collector. The locals seem to have nothing good to say about him.


Speak the Words

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*You see a human male seated at a desk with many ledgers and books behind him. As you enter he looks up and smiles bEL-DB.comroadly.* Hello, hello, come right in! How are you this fine day? You are looking mighty prosperous if I may say so!

A prominent landowner, are you? Or a craftsperson of great renown? Wait, a mixer of rare and exotic essences, perhaps? And what a lovely smile, are the fillings in your teeth made of gold?

Eek! Who are you?
My name is Jasper and I'm the Tax Collector for Corren, please tell me all about yourself!

Tax Collector? Uh....
Appointed by Kalana, herself! How wonderful it is that you've come in on your own to help me determine your tax assessment. You wouldn't believe the methods I have to use to track, erm...find some of the fine citizens of Corren!

Why it is the town you are within at this very moment! Many residents find the weather here enjoyable, so we get all types moving here. The more the merrier... and the more taxes. *A wide grin forms on his face at the thought.*

She's the Governor of Corren, a wonderful woman! It's a shame she's always so incredibly busy! No matter, that's what I'm here for! I take care of most of the monetary issues in all of Desert Pines. That reminds me, Harvy owes me that 3 percent sales tax... Oh, and I need to tax her new BMW as well.

I'm not a citizen of Corren.
Not a citizen? Let me check this ledger. Hmmm, strange, it seems you don't owe any taxes after all. Pity. I'll need to speak to the Governor about that loophole! But it will have to wait until after my daily visit to Elandria.

Why is she so busy?
I'm not sure, but every time we meet she seems to be rushing off to one appointment or another. WEL-DB.comhy just last week when I saw her in the tavern she suddenly recalled a meeting she was late for!

I'm a fine figure of a man aren't I? I can't understand why I can't find a nice, well set-up wife. I visit the Goddess Elandria, Patron of Love and Family, to help me find a good woman. Know any?

But we get worshippers and followers of Elandria from all over the globe coming to the temple in our very own Evergreen Woods! Can you imagine all the possibilities for taxing? Ooooo I squirm in delight at the idea. Desert Pines will easily become one of the most financially stable regions on this entire continent!

Sorry, don't know any..
No? What about your sister? I don't mind if she's not beautiful if she had a comfortable nest egg of coins for the future.Wait! Where are you going? I have more questions! How many furs do you own? Do you make more than 100k a year. Wait wait! Oh fine, I'll catch you another time.

Come back anytime and bring your sister!