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NPC: Jemen

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall East Private Area Hall Dining Room

Coordinates: 75, 358

A student at Tarsengaard Magic School who isn't doing as well as he'd hope.


Speak the Words

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You enter the dining room and see a student sitting at one of the tables, toying with his food. He is dressed augmented leather armor. An iron helm sits on the table next to his plate. He looks pissed and a little sweaty.

What's your problem?
*He smirks.* Who the heck are you?

I asked first
*He rolls his eyes and turns back to his plate.* Call me Jemen. *He talks with his mouth full.* Since you asked, my 'problem' is that I recently finished getting my ass handed to me by a gnome, then an orchan. It burns me up that Professor Gniles keeps pairing me up with those two opponents.

*He lets out a short mean laugh.* Don't tell me you haven't run into our beloved Professor G yet? He must be down in the sewers again, killing all the skeletons and goblins to force everyone into the battle room with his star students. *There is resentment in his tone.* Everyone just looooves Professor G. He's so funny, he's such a good teacher. Bah!

Star students
The very two students who I lost to earlier during class. The orchan is called Raum and Arbella is the gnome.

He's not a good teacher?
I keep telling him how unfair the training fights are. He just loves to see me paired up with that big oaf Raum. That orchan nearly takes my head off every time we battle because he has been in some sort of battle training his whole life. That's how it is for orchans you know.

I have heard that sometimes they will battle to the death for things like government titles. Can you imagine anything more barbaric? The worst thing about battling with Raum is that he is hell bent on finishing the fight as quickly as possible. I mean he doesn't even let you get into a good groove, you know?

Then when he has crushed you, he just walks away to the next one, like it's no big thing. It's a strange thing to be bothered about, I know, but I just can't EL-DB.comhelp it. Gniles also delights in pairing me up with the gnome. It seems to tickle him to see me brought to my knees by someone whose head barely reaches them.

*He narrows his eyes.* Don't you start. Arbella isn't your regular run of the mill gnome. Her magic is freakishly strong. Gnomes aren't meant to possess such strong magic, but this one packs one heck of a powerful harm spell. Not only that, but she can blow you off your feet with her own personal windstorm if she needs too. It's hard to get close enough to cross a blade with her.

Personal windstorm
Arbella has a decent amount of control over the element of wind, much like Grandmaster Jerun. Stand back if she is trying something new though. You might find yourself up in a tree.

Why are these fights unfair?
Haven't you been listening? The orchan knew more about battle starting the class then I have been able to learn yet. Same with the gnome and her magic. The fights are unbalanced and unfair.

Grandmaster Jerun
*He sneers at you then shovels more food in his mouth before answering.* Where do you come from anyway? I thought everyone knows about the Grandmasters of the elements. Well, if you don't know, it's not my job to teach you. This is a school, there are many teachers. Go find someone else to fill in the gaps in your education.

How else will you learn?
Oh now you sound like that snooty draegoni Lyani. She had the gall to try to lecture me about gaining knowledge through challenge.

Another student here. She happens to be a friend of Arbella and Raum. That whole odd group of friends seems to delight in pissing me off in any way possible. Soon there will be one less. Lyani is transferring to a potions school soon. She may already be gone. That just leaves two of them to try my patience now, since that idiot Irokin got himself kicked out not so long ago.

Irokin was the fourth bur in my side. I'm not sure of all the details but, as I understand it, he mesEL-DB.comsed up big time one night and Grandmaster Jerun had him transferred to the Palon Vertas Magic School.

I'm not sure what he did, but he used to pull so much stupid stuff that it was just a matter of time before he crossed the line and pissed off someone important enough to do something about him. You know what they say about dark elves. They can't help but turn bad eventually. Now would you please go away and let me eat my lunch in peace?!

Fine! Sorry to bother you.
And you are still here, why?

*He shovels more food into his mouth and waves you off.*