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NPC: Jerun

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall

Coordinates: 50, 135

Grandmaster of Air in the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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*As you approach, you feel a mild breeze caress your skin and a powerful aura swirling chaotically arEL-DB.comound the figure. Even before he speaks, you understand that this must be Jerun, Grandmaster of Air.*
Hail friend. I am Jerun, Grandmaster of Air. We need a bit of aid, maybe you can help us a bit?

What is a grandmaster
The most mundane of our tasks is leading the Magic Schools we guard. There are four major magic schools: Tarsengaard, Naralik, Palon Vertas and Arius, and four grandmasters. Four is a very powerful number in deep magic.

The world at its most basic level consists of the four elements; earth, air, fire, water. The strongest of magics will always have the power of four at their heart. Even in folklore you will see the power of fEL-DB.comour ... among the race of humans, a child becomes an adult at 16, four by four. Among the elder races, children come of age at 64 ... four by four by four. There are many examples if you have the eyes to see.

Other grandmasters?
*He smiles wryly.* I'm afraid I do not know them. It is not simply that we guard the magic schools, but they guard us as well. We come to embody the element that we study... imagine what it would do to have such raw power to come into contact? We know not either, and surround ourselves with wards and do not test it.

Deep magic?
*He scowls.* Few understand the powers they meddle with, using magic upon a whim, for their own gains, with no regard of its true purpose! Magic was never intended to be used so frivolously as is done in these times! *The gentle breeze rises to a sharp wind with the anger in his words, but settles as quickly as it appears.*

True purpose?
*He sighs as the air settles around him.* It still surprises me the ignorance that abounds. This world is seeped in magic, it binds it together, we were not given the gift of magic to fulfill our petty desires, it was to ensure this world endures.

The gods no longer involve themselves so deeply in our affairs, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve this world. And the greatest responsibility falls to the grandmasters.

*He gives you a sharp look, a brief gust of wind accompanying the motion.* The path of the grandmaster is not an easy one, and not to be taken lightly. Mortal things must be left behind, because what you become is no longer mortal. Nor are we immortal, though it often seems it.

We spend what would seem an eternity to you keeping this world in balance. And even when our time is done we cannot rest 'til another takes our place.

*His face turns hard.* The winds are a fickle thing, and chose my path for me. It takes a strong man to choose this path for himself. I do not think... I was youEL-DB.comng... *The raw pain in his eyes bids you turn away. He continues in a whisper.* And when the winds are finished with me, another will be forced down this path...

You speak as if the wind is a living being.
I am the embodiment of the wind. It speaks for me and I speak for it, yet the wind is everywhere. The winds are very much alive, in and outside of me. If you can learn to listen, the winds can tell you many things than man cannot.

May the winds guide you where your heart desires. The school will be here should you require solace.