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NPC: Jester

Location: White Stone White Stone City Palace

Coordinates: 85, 135

Real name Tim, he thinks, he's the Court Jester for Lord Luxin's castle in White Stone City.


Speak the Words

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You see a man in brightly colored clothing. As you approach, he grins and begins to do a silly liEL-DB.comttle dance, complete with twirls and jazz hands. As he dances around he whistles a nonsense tune.

Who are you?
I am the Jester for the court of Luxin. It's my job to play the fool. I've been called simply Jester for so long that I have forgotten my given name. Some used to call me....Tim?

Yay! More!
Of course good traveler, I live to entertain! *He pulls out 3 brightly colored balls and begins to juggle.* Ah, always glad to meet someone who enjoys a little tomfoolery! *He tosses the balls higher and higher, then pretends to make a mistake, causing the 3 balls to drop one by one on top of his head.*

Nice. Thanks bye!
Oh I see how it is. *His tone turns mocking.* Very nice, I'll be on my way now. *He heaves a big sigh.* Just like everyone in this place. Well then, be off. Don't waste precious seconds on little old me. You've had your laugh, be on your way!

What's got you down Tim?
*He looks surprised that you have stayed to talk.* Well, I'll bet that you will think it's stupid...

Tell me anyway
Well, it's tough to be expected to be happy all the time. And do you know how stressful it is to be funny on command? I mean, how would you feel if every time someone snapped their fingers, you had to make them laugh!

Sounds stressful.
You don't know the half of it. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I am desperately trying to come up with some new trick or joke to amuse Her Ladyship. *He looks over his shoulder at someone standing a few yards away and lowers his voice.* For someone who claims to be busy all day she sure needs my services often. And there's more! People always come up to me and ask for free items! The nerve!

Her Ladyship?
*He gestures to the figure in the distance.* Lady Luxin. I am surprised that you haven't been announced to her yet. She insists that all persons entEL-DB.comering the castle be announced so that she may look them over to be sure they are worthy of wandering the halls. That is one of her 'trying' duties.

*His voice drops to a whisper again.* She is more hilarious then I could ever be, with her sighing and swooning about, looking busy. She is a very dissatisfied person, Our Ladyship.

What's her problem?
*Shhh! You'll get me thrown in with the ogre. If you talk to Lord Luxin, or some of the members of the housekeeping staff, you might understand better. Search them out and you will find out for yourself. You probably should be on your way. It's only a matter of time before Her Ladyship comes over, demanding amusement. *He sighs again and starts to collect the colored balls from the floor.*

Free st00f plx
*He laughs.* That's a perfect imitation of them! I may have to borrow your impression. *He scribbles something down on a notepad.* Apparently there is a fellow called Joker who resembles me and gives out free items to whoever passes him by. He must be loaded to be able to do that... I know I don't make anywhere near enough as a court jester to be able to do that!

*He waves as you leave.*