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NPC: JoLynne

Location: Palon Vertas City Hall (CH1)

Coordinates: 499, 133

Acting secretary and notary public for Mayor Morton's office in Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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*As you enter, a woman with an air of no nonsense about hEL-DB.comer greets you.* Welcome to city hall. How may I help you?

Who are you?
Who I am is less important that what functions I perform here. Although I am Mayor Morton's wife, JoLynne, I serve a great many functions. I am his acting secretary, a messenger, I can collect taxes and issue permits as well. Do you need a notary public? I serve in that capacity too.

Mayor Morton
Yes. Is there a message you'd like to leave for him? No? Very well. You're probably just curious about him. Well the best advice I can give you in that regard is to seek him out personally. He can be a bother to locate at times since he runs around working out disputes between friends and neighbors, but he's steadfast and true to his elected post.

Salingen is the city you're standing in. It is the principal city of the Palon Vertas province. Within its walls, Salingenians prosper due to the variety and abundance of our numerous gardens. Outside the walls, a brave soul such as yourself can find even greater objects, mysteries, and wonders to astound and delight.

A place is only as good as its mysteries and I would have to say that Palon Vertas is one of the best. Would you like me to reveal a secret? According to local legends there are four secrets guarding four suits. Why anyone would want to have four suits is beyond me, but as far as I know, if anyone has found these secrets, I've not heard mention of it. Perhaps you'll be the one to find them.

No political entity can survive without the receipt of taxes. Running a government takes a great deal of money. Fortunately for the individual, the amount is low because the amount needed is spread among so many.

Marriage License
I can certainly issue licenses and accept the registration fees, but they won't be complete and official until Pastor Caton has performed the ceremony and signed the license in front of witnesses who must also sign.

Pastor Caton
He can usually be found around the ruins of an old church. He might have plans to rebuild it, but you know what that will mean. More work for me. Between issuing building permits, accepting inspEL-DB.comection fees, licensing contractors, and a whole host of other things, that project alone will keep me busy for years. But it's all for the best, I always say, so I just go ahead and do the work.

But, since that church has to be rebuilt before it can be put to use, you might want to check out the chapel on the other side of the river near our border with Kusamura. That's where Morton and I said our vows. It is, to put it simply, a lovely place to be married in. That is in the event you're interested in getting married here?

Not today.
Well, were you thinking of beginning a business here? I can issue licenses once all your plans have been approved by our Chamber of Commerce which I head up. We actively interact and support all the merchants who chose to do business here. I could even offer advice, if that's what you need.

I'm just visiting.
Fortunately, you don't need a permit or a license for that, eh? *She slaps the counter as she laughts.* But in all honesty, Palon Vertas is a jewel of the Idal Empire, if I do say so myself. Between all our natural resources and all the wonderful people living here, well most are wonderful anyway, this is pure paradise on Draia.

You do a lot.
It's Mayor Morton who does a lot, I must say, but I try to stay busy. It's not easy, though, this job. Keeping track of everyone and everything above and below ground is quite complicated at times. *She winks and touches the side of her nose.*

Below ground
Why in the Underground. I started a group, the Committee for Underground Maintenance, to make sure any proposed improvements to the underground receive appropriate consideration for maintaining what we accomplish, but oh so much more needs to be done down there, but it must be done right and it has to be up to code.

There are all kinds for all kinds of things. We keep it in the mayor's office there. Books and books full of rules and regulations about how things should be built, what kinds of disasters they have to be able to withstand, even what kinds of materials they have to be made of as well as the manners in which they're implemented are all part of the code. Understanding them and enforcing them is another one of my jobs.

It's all well and good that I license the Inspectors, but who inspects the Inspectors to make sure they're following the code? Well, that would be me. Unfortunately, every couple of years EL-DB.commore codes are added, some are revised, and others are tossed out the window. But, this is all part of creating a civilized society and I think Mayor Morton is doing a fine job of it too.

*She smiles warmly and waves.* Farewell.