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NPC: Jonna

Location: Tarsengaard Gargoyle Cave

Coordinates: 326, 296

A student of Jerun, investigating the gargoyle cave after having found a parchment that seemed to be a clue to something there.


Speak the Words

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*A young woman's arms are raised as her hands hover from side to side near EL-DB.comthe surface of the coffin. A look of intense concentration is on her face.*

Are you gonna open that?
*You noticed her jump slightly when you interrupted her. She sighs audibly.* For a moment there, I thought one of those gargoyles had learned to speak Common! To answer your question, though, no. I would not knowingly desecrate the resting place of anyone. Besides, I think these guardians would object to that and stop it from happening.

Who are you?
My name is Jonna. I'm one of Grandmaster Jerun's students. I'm supposed to be up at the Magic School doing homework, but I finished that hours ago.

What guardians?
Surely you've noticed the walking statues around here? They're gargoyles and they come in three types. The freakiest are those short little bastards. They hop and jump around quite a bit. The tall one with wings most closely resembles the statue I studied up at the Magic School, no thanks to Baidor I might add. Then there are the ones without wings that have those... dare I say it? Sure. Why the hell not...

the ones with those rock hard abs... oohh... and those bulging muscles and hot little horn thingies... they stir my imagination, they set my blood on fire! If only they were human... that's all I have to say about them. *She begins fanning herself vigorously.* Woo! Is it hot in here?

Who's in there?
I really don't know. I was trying to pick up any remnants of their aura, but I believe it has been too long. Their aura has dissipated. Either that or I'm just not good enough yet to detect any residuals.

Who is Baidor?
He's a pompous twit and a fellow student who is most impressed with himself to the exclusion of all others save Grandmaster Jerun. But, you know what I secretly laugh about when I think of him? How much he's going to piss himself when he runs into REAL gargoyles like these! *She chuckles as she wipes a tear from her eye.* We dated briefly, by the way.

Is he a teacher?
Master Jerun is one of the four grandmasters of Draia. He can do some incredible things with air. This one day in class, I was less focused on the lecture than I should have been. What? I can't have a viviEL-DB.comd imagination? Well, I guess the fanning of myself was distracting Jerun and all of a sudden, all the air around me became frosty cold. Needless to say I didn't have any more attention problems that class.

Then why are you here?
Simple curiosity, really. You see, I found this really old scrap of parchment being used as a bookmark in one of the tomes from the restricted section of the library. Since it was only a bookmark, I kept it to experiment on. I was surprised when a simple remote heal helped. Anyway, a few words were all that were there. One of them was 'Tarsengaard' and the other was just a partial word: '...inx'.

You dated Baidor?
Briefly. It was a mistake, though. He talked big, but let me put it this way... his so-called 'Staff of the Mage' turned out to be a one-use-only toy magic wand - and not a very good one at that. It was over in a flash and he was a jerk about it too. Now when he sees me, I just hold my hands about a foot apart, then bring them close together and he turns all red and turns away to see if anyone else saw me.

That's it?
Yep. So I spent the next eight months searching through the library for some kind of reference that included the words on the bookmark. The only fun I had doing that was taunting Baidor.

What did you find?
Nothing. Not one damn thing, until last week, that is. That's when I was looking through an old catalogue. This catalogue was ancient, but it documented an inventory of written knowledge. Besides the title, it provided a brief description. I don't remember the title, but it was about a guy named Jinx who was hired to do something in Tarsengaard. Gargoyles were mentioned and it made me think of this place.

Unfortunately, when I asked around to see if the story or any reference to it still exists, no one knew anything about it. So, I guess for now I have to consider it lost. Who knows if it will ever turn up. I tried asking Maechan about it because he's the oldest wizard around, but you know him...

Who is Maechan?
Oh, sorry. Maybe you DON'T know Maechan. He can usually be found in the city. If you're lucky he'll be awake enough and may even offer to teach you something. I just wish his memory was better. If it were, maybe he'll know something about this place and that scrap of parchment. Barring that, maybe he'll remember a place where the story still exists.

Why this story?
You know, it's the damnedest thing. Ever since I started working on this mystery story, I have felt almost driven to see it through to the end. For the life of me, I don't have a clue why, you Anyway, I should probably head back up to school soon, I just want to try a few more things. I hope I haven't nattered on so long you've been delayed from doing whatever it is you're here to do.

Nah. I'm good.
That's good. Thanks for talking to me though. I enjoyed our conversation. Watch your step on your way out.

See ya later.