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NPC: Joseph

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall West Meeting Hall Hallway Underground Tunnel Tarsengaard Magic School Garden

Coordinates: 61, 114

Leader of the Red Snakes, a summoning guild from Grahm's Village.


Speak the Words

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*You see a sad-looking human man. When he sees you comiEL-DB.comng, he sighs, turns away slightly and forces a smile.*

Who are you?

Is something wrong?
*His fake smile quickly falters and turns to a frown.* Quite a bit, but you don't want to hear about all my troubles.

You're right, I don't. Bye.
Yeah, well, go on - get lost.

Sure I do. What's wrong?
It's my guild members - they're being a pain. 'Can you give me this? Can you give me that? Why is so and so rank 10 and I'm only rank 9?' It's not my job to give, give, give and I'm tired of it. I know I sound cranky and I'm sorry for that. When I get this way, I come here to hide out and just look at the sea. Looking out at the water calms me, usually, but I don't feel it working this time.

What is your guild?
I'm the leader of the Red Snakes. We're a summoning guild based out of our arena in Grahm's Village and I'm not accepting any new members right now, if that's why you're here. Besides, we're at war with the Blue Falcons right now.

Who are the Blue Falcons?
They're a pushy guild of summoners kind of like my guild. Maia is the guild leader and she usually hangs around the summoning arena in Grahm's Village.

Did you say 'war'?
It's a big misunderstanding that has gotten blown all out of proportion, is all it is. The Blue Falcons and the Red Snakes declared Total War on each other for a game of capture the flag. Along the the Blue Falcons accused one of my guild members of breaking the rules. Now they're demanding stuff back that I don't have and insisting that I pay their fee to end the war. What sore losers they are.

Does anything else relax you?
Before I started the Red Snakes guild, I used to love summoning creatures. I imagined myself as a general leading my troops into battle. I loved watching them defeat other creatures they happened upon and I certainly didn't mind scooping up the remains. Within a few moments, I could restore it to life and add it to my remaining army. The first time I made myself an army, it was an army of rats.

I felt like a sewer king as they followed me around. When I started my guild, I was regularly summoning red snakes, so I made that the name of the guild. I considered The Slitherans, but I decided to keep it simple. Now I can summon boars, but I see my guild members advancing faster than me and I'm frustrated. Being a guild leader has not turned out as I expected.

Do you serve Selain?
Yes, but probably not as much as I could. If I had more time to perform Selain's quests, I know I could do better, but all this guild work... It's a huge distraction. I sometimes have to calm down other guild leaders because of the actions of some of my members and that's an even bigger distraction. Sometimes I wonder if I've made the right choices...

What quests?
Selain's high priest, Sylpho, assigns tasks to complete. When I complete a task, it makes Selain happy with me and I am blessed with extra experience.

You've made at least one.
Really? Which one? I just can't see it.

You came here.
Yes. Yes I did. That was the right thing to do after all.

It is restful here.
I like the quiet too and watching the light off the water. I'll have to thank George personally.

Who is George?
George is the gardener. I've known him practically my whole life. He manages to take care of all the trees and stuff in the garden and around the school all by himself. Only a talented magician could work the wonders he's done. Maybe sometime you'll meet him. He's quite interesting to talk to.

Enjoy your rest.
I'm glad you stopped by. I do feel myself relaxing. I guess I did need to talk out a few things and get them out in the open.

Take care.