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NPC: Kahlen

Location: Morcraven Marsh Jayden Temple

Coordinates: 317, 28

A priestess of Jayden who spends most of her time in studies inside Jayden's temple.


Speak the Words

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*You see a female Elf who nods in greeting and smiEL-DB.comles warmly as you approach.* Hello. Are you lost?

Forgive me for being unclear. There are many kinds and ways of being lost. One answer I could give is to tell you that you are standing in the Room of the Sacred Bowl within Jayden's Temple. Do you know what your purpose is for coming here today?

Sacred Bowl
Yes. This entire room is The Sacred Bowl and standing in the center of this room is The Sacred Chalice that has been blessed by Jayden with remarkable power. It is on a pedestal so that its form, shape and artistry may be admired from any direction. The artistry of The Sacred Chalice reminds us that it was Jayden who thought of potion making as an art form.

The Sacred Chalice is surrounded by steaming water heated by the furnace on the lower level. Besides reminding us of potion-making, it also represents the ever-changing trials in life we must all endure. The small platforms suspended on the surface of the steaming water that allow you to walk around the Sacred Chalice are symbolic also.

Simply speaking, they imply that anyone, coming from anywhere, no matter what trials they may have to endure, may approach Jayden's gifts - whatever their walk in life may be. Eventually, all roads lead to Jayden.

All who come here do so for a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is known, other times not. I was attempting to find out which category you fall into.

Who are you?
My name is Kahlen. I am a priestess of Jayden, the Goddess of Mixture, Reason and Patience. As a follower of Jayden, my time is mostly filled with study; therefore I have little knowledge of what is happening in the world outside this temple. Saville does tell me things from time to time, but she is rather sheltered herself.

I and my colleagues study various combinations of objects. We examine their properties and how well they mix with other objects. It is a slow and arduous life path we have chosen to follow. Jayden's followers, we must be extremely well focused on our tasks. We certainly don't sit around a bubbling cauldron and cackle insanely, no matter what some of the fumes may tempt us to do.

To find that which we seek - a way to break Mortos' curse of undying evil while maintaining the Order of the Stream. Is that what you're seeking here today?

Order of the Stream
The Order of the Stream is what we call ourselves - those of us who follow Jayden. It is not an easy path to follow though. It demands great patience and strong reasoning powers for the intense focus we must direct on our mixtures. We think of them as virtues since they're necessary for successfully creating potions. Without them, more often than not, the mixture fails.

Can I join?
If you truly wish to join our Order, look deeply and honestly into yourself to see if you have the required focus and the virtues of patience and reasoning: you're the only one who can honestly answer those questions. If you do have the necessary virtues, you'll need to speak with Iazurn.

You will find many prominent members of society are followers of Jayden. From royalty to merchants to beggars, those of every walk of life seek the guidance of my goddess.

Iazurn is Jayden's high priest. You may be able to find him in the next room, The Sphere of Concoctions.

She is the one who fostered my love for potions as a young one. She is the headmaster of Herbalist Hall in Fort Hallgan. I see her as my mentor and it is because of her I chose to follow the path of Jayden. We keep in touch as often as possible.

Herbalist Hall
*She smiles as she remembers her days at the school.* It used to be such a prestigious potions academy back when I was younger. now, with the lands of the marsh slowly deteriorating the structure, very few seek out the school for their education of potions.

Undying evil
The curse placed upon the lands by Mortos. His evil creatures can perish in battle, but the curse will reanimate and recreate their bodies to fight once again. It's a neverending cycle of horror.

Like who
You would be able to find Lady Luxin paying respects to Jayden when she is in the area. Mira and Edlera make regular trips to the temple as well to speak with Iazurn. Even my dear friend Reca finds time to come and pray.

Oh, Reca?
You know of her? She runs the tavern on Isla Prima and even started her own potion-making business. It gets so busy in that tavern, I don't understand how she finds the time for it all. I really wanted to help her start the business up, but my duties here require constant attention. I pray that she gets the help she needs.

I helped her.
Oh that was so kind of you. I know Reca does not have much of her own, so please allow me to bless your luck in Jayden's name as a thank you.

All roads lead inevitably to Jayden. We will meet again, of this I am sure. Travel safely and well until that time.