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NPC: Kaimen

Location: Morcraven Marsh

Coordinates: 197, 52

Hired by the Black Cloaks to inspect the structures in the southern part of Morcraven Marsh.


Speak the Words

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*Covered in dust, a sturdy looking dwarf notes your approach with a glance. She conEL-DB.comtinues looking around at the ruined structures as though she is mapping them out.*

Hello. Are you with the brotherhood, come to collect my report?

Perhaps I spoke out of turn. My name is Kaimen. The Black Cloaks hired me to inspect the structures of this region. They refer to themselves as the brotherhood.

Black Cloaks
Aaron, their leader, heard about my work in Mynadar and hired me to provide a list of all the structures in this region along with recommendations concerning their suitability. I'm working as fast as I can. It is dirty work, as you can see.

What report?
The report has to do with all the structures in this region, their condition, an evaluation of how safe they are, that kind of thing. You see?

What about these building?
They have good and bad qualities. This used to be Morcraven City, by the way, but I digress. The bad qualities are that they are ill suited for protection from the elements: rain, snow, sleet, etc. The good qualities are that in the event of a fire, they're easily evacuated. *You chuckle, but she looks quite serious.*

Wait! Morcraven City?
How did you think this region got its name? Before the Great War, Morcraven City was well known for its mineral resources. The caves are still in use to this day, but the city itself was lost. Now, only the marsh retains the name.

What happened?
The Great War happened. You can see evidence of the war almost everywhere. From the layout of this ruined city, I can tell that it was designed for EL-DB.comcommerce and trade, never as a defensible construct. From what I've heard and read, the city was rapidly abandoned as Mortos's evil army approached.

Where did they go?
In order to preserve as many as possible, two groups split off from here. Councilor Caladak took his group to the east staying on firmer ground and built a fort. Councilor Hallgan took his group to a small island in the marsh and built a fort there. I've inspected both forts already and Fort Hallgan was probably the wiser choice.

Because the marsh helps protect the fort. It's not easy wading through that muck and junk out there... makes the attackers move slower - easier to hit from the safety of its walls. While I'm not exactly delighted with the amount of wood used, it does blend in with its surroundings. The same is true though of Fort Caladak.

What else have you inspected?
The alchemy schools, Thoth's house, Tankel's house, and Jayden's temple. The caves are fine. There are no roads worth mentioning.

Alchemy schools?
You didn't know there's more than one? The first one is just to the south of the current one. Looks like it suffered an explosion from the inside and was beyond repair. I fully support that decision, but for safety's sake, they should have leveled the first location.

What about the Battle Hall?
I haven't gotten over there yet, and I haven't managed to get into the huts up north either. A scary Orchan woman ran me off trying to curse me. Aaron can find someone else to inspect those structures. The temple to Jayden up there... all I can say is Wow!

You have to see it to believe it! First of all, the structure is out on the water and though it doesn't look it from the outside, it is much larger on the inside. It must be some kind of optical illusion or some very powerful magic. I don't know if I should call the lower level under ground or under water.

Maybe both?
That answer does fit. Thank you. The lower level provides heat for the upper level. It's brilliEL-DB.comant! In the event the fire gets out of control, there is a ready source of water to put it out.

Great. Just be careful around those mud huts. You don't want to be cursed.