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NPC: Kalana

Location: Desert Pines

Coordinates: 223, 351

The governor of Corren, proud of the most extensive mining system in all of Seridia due to the Crystal Caves.


Speak the Words

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You see an older-looking woman. She seems to be peering down into a well near her home. She sEL-DB.comees you coming and looks up at you. She says in a very stern voice: "Hello, may I help you?"

My name is Kalana. I am the Governor of Corren.

We are one of the only areas with a very stable and strong economy. Corren is primarily a port and a mining town, due to the proximity of the Crystal Caves, which happens to be the largest and the most extensive mine system in all of Seridia.

The Crystal Caves house nearly all forms of mineral veins, metal ores and quartz crystals. Because of this, we are the major supplier of raw materials. We also are home to the Temple of Elandria. Other than that, we have a storage, a mineral merchant, a tavern, and a general store.

Mineral Merchant
His name is Harvy and he is located in the Kamara Desert area. He is one of the only people to buy and sell most minerals and ores.

The owner of it, Grim, runs it through a cave located in the Kamara Desert area near the river.

Well as Governor, I control the major influences and happenings in Desert Pines. I also am the one who creates alliances with other leaders on the continent.

Going already? OEL-DB.comh well, good bye.