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NPC: Karnak

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 236, 100

"Tough guy" who works for Sloan.


Speak the Words

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You see a hulk of a man who looks like he drinks a potion and then eats the empty vial. EL-DB.comAlso doesn't look like the sharpest knife in the drawer. He grunts as you walk near him.

Err... hello.
You better got food or you better got money. You got 15 seconds to comply and I ain't bein' funny.

I have no money.
Better start practusin' spittin' out teef while I check wif Helga and check wif my chief.

Bein' funny?
I gots no time for any wise guy - better talk straight unless you want a black eye. Last funny guy say me have tusk like a boar - 2 hit fight - I hit him, he hit da floor.

She da dwarf chick standin' right here, she only friendly to me and to beer. You can try an' talk wif her if you like, but she prolly just tell you to take a hike.

Your chief?
Mr. Sloan who work in da bank, for this job me and Helga thank. He take care of us and pay us real nice - which is good, cuz me and Helga charge a high price.

Talking in rhyme?
In Redmoon I learn Common when I a young lad, I have hard time and speak it real bad. Teacher say it help me by makin' a rhyme, now it way I talk all of da time.

This job
People ask boss for some small loans, if they no pay, we break few of der bEL-DB.comones. After we make one or two go crack, they very happy to pay loans back.

Nice human man go by name of Brent, but teachin' Orchan not easy way to pay rent. I dunno why he go to Orchans to teach, Redmoon not easy place to reach.

Sometimes people need money for things, maybe dey buy der girlies some rings? It don't matter how they have der fun, as long as dey don't take da money 'n' run.

It a big island in Irilion split in two parts. The natives are tough and not known for der smarts. If you go, you better take care - there's a very bad place, a red dragon lair.

*He grunts at you as you leave.*