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NPC: Kathryn

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 80, 141

An elf reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars who is gathering material for her next story.


Speak the Words

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*Walking through an alley, you accidentally bump into an elf. quickly holds up her hands and apologizes.* So sorry, my fault.

Who are you?
My name is Kathryn. I'm a reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars. Surely you've read some of my award winning features.

Why are you here?
Like any good reporter, I'm gathering material for my next story.

You're ASS
Oh, did I brush up against something and get it dirty? I swear, black is almost as difficult to keep clean as white.

What's it about?
Why Grubani Peninsula, of course! That's why I'm here. Just look around. Isn't this just re-mark-able? *You notice a glint in her eye as she looks around the town.*

It's just a fort.
*Now her eyes flash at you as she speaks.* Just? Just a fort? How can you say that?! This fort was built by members of the Orchan tribe who have immigrated here. Can't you imagine the hardship they faced crossing the seas to get here or the mortal danger they've endured while working to build this fortification? There are cruel and dangerous monsters here.

Orchans? Where?
Nearly everywhere. I'm surprised you haven't encountered any before you found me.

What monsters?
Besides the trolls and the fluffies, I've heard howling at night. Yes, it's true. There' a wolf in this region. Only the strongest, bravest, and smartest are able to defeat it.

What's the big deal?
The point of my next article. I've spoken with many of the non-orchan residents here to get their feelings about their orchan neighbors. Fat Lou, for one, is quite outspoken about them, but most of the others are not.

Who is Fat Lou?
According to Rabenoen, he's a local resident who commissioned her to build a ship even though he doesn't know all that much about them. He does have a rather strange way of talking. Perhaps you'll notice it when you speak to him. He had some rather... colorful quotes when I spoke to him, but they lose their oomph when they don't grammatically translate to print.

What others?
I'm afraid the list is rather extensive. Let's see. *She looks down at her notes.* There's Jace, Lady Celeste, and Gretch, but I've also heard of others, although I've never met them.

He's an archery tester who works with a lot of the orchans around here. When I first met him, I was considering another story about the archery arena, but now I'm working on this story. Since he works so well with the Orchans, I know he's happy to have them here.

Lady Celeste
She's a nobleman's daughter from White Stone City. She has excellent hearing, but I sometimes doubt her perceptions. She's a monster hunter. I get the feeling from her that she's neutral about the Orchans being here.

She's up North and seems quite skittish. Based on her behavior, I get the feeling she's avoiding the laws and does not care that the orchans are here. But here I am talking about all these local people. Where are my manners? How do You feel about the Orchans being here?

From passersby I've heard Banach, Valanya, and MeEL-DB.comritta mentioned. Do you know anything about them?

Archery arena
It's just over there. *She indicates a booth to the south and west of your location.* It's quite useful for target practice.

Certainly. I would be remiss if I failed to capture your thoughts on the matter. Would you like to give me a statement?

Oh well. I'm bound to encounter them at some point before my article has to be turned in.

No comment
*She shrugs* You do realize that is possibly the lamest thing anyone could say to a reporter, right? It's not fun to hear. You know, some of us are just trying to tell a story, not ruin lives like some other members of the Association. That's why I'm a feature story writer.

Feature stories
They are much like the story I am working on now. Some stories concentrate on facts and scandals and crimes. The reporters who write those articles are always ones who are trying to get the scoop; finding out people's secrets, hidden agendas and the skeletons in their closets. Those are the types of reporters who give the rest of us a bad name and I have a strong dislike for their reporting styles.

Now with feature stories, I concentrate specifically on the emotional sides of things... something that would make the reader feel something. You don't get that same effect when you read a sex scandal story, but if you read the tale of how a small group of Orchans built a home, having to fight their way through, with all aspects of nature and politics against them.

If I do my story right, then you should feel connected to this tribe of Orchans once you finish reading my article. trust me, with everything I have, it will shed new light on these people. That is my true reason for being a reporter.

Farewell. Thank you for your voicing your feelings. It was nice bumping into you.