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NPC: Kaya

Location: Desert Pines

Coordinates: 269, 190

A cleric for Aluwen, who assists priestess Noria.


Speak the Words

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*You see a woman dressed in white and gold with long golden tresses. She is singing la la la quietly to herself and swaying in time to her song as she runs her hands through her lEL-DB.comong, shining hair. As soon as she notices you, her smile brightens up her entire being - she is radiantly beautiful!* In Aluwen's holy name, I totally greet you, weary traveler.

Who are you?
My name is Kaya. Your name is whatever your name is. Anyway, I'm one of the Aluwen's clerics, don't you know?

Tell me about yourself.
Well, I already told you my name, but whatever. I was born in White Stone City. My parents were ordinary people until I came along, because I have been blessed by Aluwen. I have never been sick a day in my life. I don't use potions or magic to remain healthy either. Isn't that the greatest? Now I'm a traveling cleric spreading the good news about Aluwen and using my gift from time to time.

Every now and again, Noria, I mean Priestess Noria, Aluwen's priestess, comes here to hold a service for Aluwen's followers who like live here. While she is conducting the service, I helped her - it's part of my training.

And while Noria, darn, I did it again - she reminds me again and again that it is 'Priestess Noria' ... anyhow, while Priestess Noria is not here, I keep the temple clean and guide people who are seriously seeking Aluwen to Priestess Noria.

You've never been sick?
Nope. Not even once. Even while I was a baby in the gentle care of my mother, she was never sick either. Isn't that awesome?!

No potions or magic?
Now that's the most interesting thing about me, because Noria, phooey, I mean Priestess Noria says I'm like touched, you know?

That sounds awkward.
I know, right? Shoot, I was hoping you could explain it to me. Every now and then, from like afar, I see her looking at me and shaking her head from side to side lEL-DB.comike she's not even aware she's doing it. From the way she talks, it makes me think that SHE thinks I've received some kind of special ability from Aluwen Herself.

So how does your ability work?
I don't know EXACTLY how it works. Once, when I was little, I fell down and scraped my knee. It really hurt bad, you know? Anyway, I put my hand on my knee to hold it so all my blood wouldn't run out, you know? And like it stopped hurting. When I took my hand away, my knee was as good as new, no wound at all! Isn't that awesome?!

So then I looked at my hand to see if it had blood on it, and it didn't! And I was thinking, 'this is COOL, but in a weird way!!' So ever since then, whenever I get hurt, or like a pimple or something, I put my hand on it and it goes away. And here I am now, a cleric.

How did you end up with Aluwen?
After I grew up, my parents took me to Aluwen's Temple in White Stone and dedicated me to Her. They believe that as long as I remain pure and true, my ability will continue, but if my purity is somehow tarnished, my ability will vanish. Believe me, there are totally some guys who have wanted me to 'heal' them where they don't need healing, you know?

Are your parents right?
I totally have no clue, you know? Everyone says how important my ability is, so it would be a terrible loss from a moment's weakness and purity is really really important to me too. *She points to a silver ring on her finger.* So, since the risk is so great, I won't give in until I'm like ancient, like maybe 35 or something.

Priestess Noria?
Well, I tell people that there is more than one road to Aluwen's temple, but the portal in the temple will make their journey easier. Then I tell them to walk into the light of Aluwen's blessings and on the other side, seek Her priestess, Noria.

You'll know the temple when you see it, it's in the center of town. Golric is usually hanging around outside those doors and guiding traffic after masses. Talk about separation of church and state much.

He's the sheriff of Corren. He's a pretty grouchy man, but always comes whining to me when his chew creates icky sores in his mouth. I'EL-DB.comve had to heal his gums more time than I can count. And seeing a grown man cry? Most say it's cute, but it's pretty lame if you ask me.

I totally enjoyed talking to you. I look forward to the day when we meet again. Until then, Aluwen's blessings be yours. Buh Bye!