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NPC: Kinder

Location: Arius

Coordinates: 225, 42

A studier of the gravitational fields, currently investigating graviation changes in the marshes of Arius. The investigations can allow for locating oil in the ground.


Speak the Words

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You see a tan-skinned gnome with a strange device, wading around in the murEL-DB.comky swamp water. He's far too engrossed in his work to notice you approach.

*He glances up at you briefly.* Oh, hi. *His device starts beeping rapidly and he becomes oblivious to your presence.* Aha!

Who are you?
*Without even a glance in your direction, the gnome mutters his name.* Kinder.

What is that a machine?
*He sighs.* It's an instrument of my own creation that uses a ultra-sensitive gravity meter to measure tiny changes in the gravitational field. It has a built in sniffer, which allows the machine to detect the smell of hydrocarbons. Lastly, it creates shockwaves to pass through the layers of rock, sediment and water beneath me and interpret the waves reflected back. In short, it's an oil detection device.

Did you find something?
Indeed. It seems I found a very rich oil deposit below our very feet. The marsh is very rich in these deposits.

Not to be rude, but I don't like to waste my time explaining things when this are others in the area perfectly capable of answering your questions. If you want to know more about the marsh, I'm sure Penrose is wandering around in this general vicinity.

Is that your job? Finding oil?
Among other things. I'm a petroleum engineer. I seek out rich oil deposits, and then I concoct and execute a plan to harvest it for use. Once the oil has been mined, I send it off to Mendeleev to be purified, chemically modified, and perfected. Then the oil is ready for distribution.

This substance is also known as petroleum. It's naturally occurring, and is made from decaying plants and animals. I believe this island used to be somewhat submerged in the sea water, because you can find EL-DB.comrich oil deposits all over the island. Oil deposits are most common in areas that used to be seabeds. We use oil as an energy source for many of our machines here on the island, but it has others uses, too.

It can be used as a weapon in warfare, as a building block for constructing more complex molecules, or even as pleasant stimulator to your olfactory system. As time goes on, oil has become higher in demand. This keeps me rather busy.

Rather than telling you his life story, why don't you go ask him yourself. He's usually found inside of the magic school. I will say this, he is a brilliant mind in the field of chemistry, and a very respected figure here on Arius.

We find many uses for oil here on Arius, but there are matters of money involved with research, too. Distribution of our oil to other regions helps the state of the economy on the island, which in turns provides me more funding for my projects. It's a win-win situation.

*He lets out a sigh a relief.* It's about time. Now I can finally get back to my work.