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NPC: Koga

Location: Portland

Coordinates: 127, 72

A man who hangs around the Portland docks trying to read the various people who pass by him.


Speak the Words

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*You see a young man whose eyes are constantly on the move, flitting from person to person and watching their every move. You get the impression tEL-DB.comhat he is logging all this activity for some reason or other, yet his face gives nothing away.* You're wondering who I am and what I'm doing here.

Wow! How did you know?
Practice makes perfect, and to answer your unspoken questions: my name is Koga. I'm a people reader and I am practicing my trade.

People reader?
I used to be a people watcher. Over time, though, I began to see patterns of behavior. Now I'm able to understand the body language of lovers, cheaters, merchants, and thieves no matter what race they belong to. I can tell you who is having a good day and who is having a bad day. I can tell you who's attracted to whom before they even realize it.

That sounds boring.
To you it seems boring or even lonely, but to me it is endless fascination watching people's life stories unfold before my eyes. I am bearing witness to events mundane or extraordinary, routine or unrehearsed. I never know day-by-day, minute-by-minute how each story will unfold until it does and then I can hardly wait for the next chapter to present itself to my waiting eyes.

Lots of people, lots of stories.
Just as people have their own stories, have you ever considered that each pairing or grouping of people creates its own story? Sure, there are some short stories and there are some epics, but the endless complexities of people going about their daily lives here is what I find so exciting - that and how it is all woven together into commonly shared experiences that make up the story of Portland City!

What about infrequent travelers?
Their stories are all the more interesting. Compared to someone who is always walking back and forth from the titanium mines nearby, those who seldom pass by are far more interesting: to see the jump in their progress, to know whether or not they've gained and lost friendships - it's all an open book to me when they pass by.

Could you tell me about someone?
Could you tell me about someone? Well, naturally it depends on the person and the question, but yes, for a price I could tell you about someone. I also have to decide how detailed I want to answer them or if I should be vague.

How do you decide?
You see, that's the thing, right? By answering questions, that makes me an active participant in their stories, doesn't it? If I tell you the truEL-DB.comth or if I don't know and make something up, can you see how well it would twist the plots of the people involved? I love a good story, you know.

That gives you control.
Of course, and who doesn't want that? You do, that's for certain.

Thieves? Here?
Mayor Nyeald does a good job keeping crime to a minimum, but some still exists. The one you have to watch out for is Bob. Maybe if you see him coming you can avoid him, he's hard to miss being green, but you should certainly be careful around him, sometimes he will attack people, although he is not stupid to attack those stronger than him. In some ways, Bob and I are alike. He can read people too.

You make money doing that?
People know I'm reliable and that I give good information. If a merchant is curious about another merchant and wants to give me some money to learn what I know, why should I turn that down? I do have to eat, you know.

You make stuff up?
No, I was just trying to make my point that by providing answers I am adding complexity to the story here. Imagine it: I've just answered a question for you. Now it's up to you to decide what action to take next. Consequently, what alterations will your actions create among others? Like the ripples on a pond in a rainstorm, all that complexity all happening at once, it's enough to make my head spin.

What about other places?
I can tell you sketchy things about other places, things that I've picked up from passersby, but in far less detail than what's going on right here.

I enjoyed participating in your story these last few moments and I look forward to the next chapter, as always. Until then, I'll keep reading...