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NPC: Kohtag

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 168, 170

A digger of graves in the northeast of Nordcarn.


Speak the Words

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As you approach, a dwarf is digging a grave in the oddest fashion using only one arm. The othEL-DB.comer arm dangles uselessly at his side. When he sees you coming, he shouts, 'Unclean!' to you.

I am a grave digger. I handle the remains of the no longer living. To many, that makes me unclean and I am compelled to warn people who feel this way.

Who are you?
My name is Kohtag, although members of my clan mockingly call me 'Onefist' or, even worse, 'South Paw'.

When I was younger, a rock in the mine where I was digging fell on my shoulder. Since that time, I've been unable to move my arm or even to make a fist with that arm in order to grasp a pick or shovel, hence the insulting name. For a dwarf, it is a great shame and embarrassment to the clan to have a member in my condition, so they cast me out.

South paw
Even among dwarves who are fully functional, this is the unclean hand: the hand that must never shake another's, the hand that cleans the unclean parts of our bodies. So, what better job for a dwarf whose only functioning hand is the unclean one than to bury the dead?

Cast you out
It's perfectly understandable and it is our way. Now I get to work in the fresh air, to see people, living and dead, and still provide a necessary function for this community. I've become quite good at working with my one good hand and I've put my knowledge of rock to good use. You see these headstones? I made them!

Thanks. It wasn't easy at first, I must admit. I felt as clumsy as a babe striking my first stone, but in time, my remaining arm has become stronger and more skilled as I've worked the stone into the shapes I desired and since I can dig graves and carve headstones, I earn more than I did when all I could do was dig graves.

Knowledge of rock
I mean I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I consider myself an apprentice geologist who acts as his own EL-DB.commaster. By working out here by myself, I discover a lot of things about the earth and what it's hiding.

Big adjustment.
The transition from a life in the mines to a life in the vast outside is not easy for a dwarf. It's even harder for someone who has been banished from the community. Oddly enough, it was a wandering outsider who helped me through the transition. I think it's because he had to work through his own transition.

His name is Mayven, one of Glilin's priests. Every now and then he stops by for a visit when he's in the area. I know this seems odd to you. You would think that prominent dwarves like Atekel, Oana, Storil, or Liliana would have helped me, but to them and the rest, I am someone they do not want to see and I am not welcome inside the walls of the city.

By the way, if you're going to head on over to the temple, I suggest you take care. There are many archers who are training to be as good as my friend Hawkins. They like to stand up there on the wall and shoot their arrows down on animals that are in this area. It can be a bit risky walking through there.

Not welcome
That's what city walls are for, to keep out the unwanted. It has been this way for a long time. Where ever people have gathered together for safety and defense, city walls have been constructed to protect and maintain what has been collected together. Eventually, though, they all come out to me.

Prominent dwarves
Atekel, Oana, Storil, and Liliana are some of the most successful dwarves in Nordcarn running prosperous businesses, but they're not the only ones. If you look around, I'm sure you'll see Morumi, Koki, and Custan who are just as respected.

She's an archer in town who is highly sought after by archers wishing to better themselves. She is kind enough to bring me supplies I can't get from town. I don't know where I would be without her kindness and her friendship. I find it funny that I receive more kindness from those of other races and not my own. *He shrugs it off.*

Such a fine piece of work... that temple. Built right into the mountainside with strong dwarven structure holding it up. The stone around the temple is very strong I've found that it is very heat resistant and soundproof - an excellent feature for the Forge. I go there sometimes to pay my respects to Glilin and to visit Akiko.

She's such a unique woman: very battle hardened and driven by her own determination. She can craft some of the finest armors in the continent. Don't let anyone tell you different. She was born with the gift of Glilin's hammer. *He nods in assurance.*

You too! It was nice talking to you. So long!