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NPC: Koki

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 130, 73

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Treasure of Nordcarn

A master storyteller, telling tales of Nordcarn.


Speak the Words

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You notice an older dwarf with a long grey beard sitting on the bench. As you approach, he looks up from some notes that he's making and smiles. "Ahh, a Come to hear a story or learn of our fair town? Oh, but where are my manners? Sit and tell me what brings you here. Perhaps I'll tell you some things as well."

He raises his head and looks at the sky. "I am the pages of history, leafing before you. I am the breeze rustling in the tree tops. I am the horn that sounds the charge into battle! Oh, but I am called Koki. I am very pleased to meet you."

I am a storyteller. I also know much about Nordcarn and area around it. Because of this, I am also one of the guides on the Journey of Knowledge. One of the better ones I think. If you just want information, read a scroll! Ahem. I can tell you about the city of Nordcarn, the temple, or the caves in the east.

Over 5000 years before the Great War, we dwarves settled here in Nordcarn. It was the time of the continents. Though the lands were split, the people survived. All races settled across the lands of Draia. A fair city was built in the center of Nordcarn. Strong walls of fine dwarven architecture joined towering spires. The city, and her people, held safely within.

"Now, many lifetimes later, our fair city still stands. These dwarven hewn walls make Nordcarn the strongest city in all of Seridia!"

He lowers his voice a bit. "Though now we are mostly traders here, EL-DB.comsince there is an abundance of minerals and ores around this area."

He stands and raises his fist to the sky. "A king without a sword, a land without a king! Oh, pardon me." He sits on the bench. "In terms of leadership, we are bound by no governing authority. The citizens prefering to govern themselves in a relatively peaceful manner."

He glances up, then bows his head for a moment. "Across the river to the west, lies a temple honoring Glilin, god of blacksmithing and manufacturing. T'was fitting that it should be in Nordcarn that the temple was constructed."

Dwarves are excellent smiths and manufacturers. The temple itself consists of a main hall, the Blessed Rift mine, and a mighty Forge. If you explore it, come tell me of your adventure. We shall weave a tale of wonder for others to hear!

He stands on the bench and his voice deepens. "Two caves lie to the east. Both quite dangerous in their own right. The northern cave connects Nordcarn with Tarsengaard. Though small, it is infested with vermin. Goblins! Male and female. Armed and armored."

And if that wasn't enough, fighters also stalk that cavern, killing the goblins and each other! A brave, or lucky, adventurer will find that there are sapphires and iron ore there, a strong lure despite the danger.

He sits again. "The southern cave is quite large, and easy to get lost in. A variety of creatures call it home. Goblins, a black bear, and even some of Mortos' minions, skeletons! There are also gems and minerals within, including iron ore and rubies. Though it is dangerous, it is one of the safer places to mine rubies in Seridia."

Do come back soon and tell me of your adventures across the lands. EL-DB.comI am sure there are many amazing stories that I can gather from you.