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NPC: Kronos

Location: Desert Pines Crystal Caves Magic Shop

Coordinates: 39, 170

Owner of a magic shop within Crystal Caves, but only sells items to select clientele, not the likes of you.


Speak the Words

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You approach a dwarf lounging against the wall and smoking a pipe. He puffs on his slightly, then looks up and creases his thick eye brows in a frown in your direction.

Hi, do you own the magic shop?
The what now? *The dwarf removes the pipe from his mouth just long enough to speak.* Oh, ye mean this shop? Heheh, magic shop, heh that's a good one, mhm. Ye, it be mine. What of it? Why do you pester ol' Kronos? Ye better not be another fool come in here lookin' for the sulphur.

Me! Ya dunder head. Ain't you ever heard of a name? That's what mine is. *He mutters something inaudible around his pipe.*

Is it not a magic shop?
Well o' course its a magic shop! *He releases an exasperated sigh as he replaces the pipe in his mouth after speaking once more.* What does it look like to ye? Think I'm running some sorta circus here, do ya?

Yea! Not a day goes by that I ain't got some fool in here askin' where the sulphur be! Drives me mad it does. *He clears his throat and puffs on his pipe.* 'Course I always tell 'em the same thing! Ain't here, no it ain't. They says 'where's the sulphur?' and I says 'Ain't here' *He pauses for a moment, looking at you quizzically.*

Might be sometimes I tell 'em its up north too. Yea, up north along that there wall, over the little river I says. That's where it be.

Can I buy something?
Buy something? Heheh. Ya hear that? *He asks of no one in particular, looking around the room.* This here feller wants to buy something from me. Well I'll be of course you can..NOT! Heheheh.

Why not?
Why not? They're asking why not! Aheheh. *He shakes his head and looks away, then suddenly back.* You think I'm running a candy here? Do Ya?! I've got clients I tells ya, real regular customers. There ain't no way I'm a-selling their goods to the like o' you.

Who are you talking to?
Who am I talking to? *You are beginning to grow rather irritated with his constant repetition of your questions.* Why, why... oh you be darned. I ain't go to talk to you about nuthin' like that.

Yeah, clients! You know those people that buy things from fine establishments such as mine here? Ain't no way I'll betray honest constant customers by selling to some walk-in like you! You think my stocks are endless do ya? Do ya?! I might have storerooms in these caves but they ain't for you! No siree, they ain't. That's how its gonna stay. I got my eye on you, stranger. I do indeed.

What do you sell?
What?! You want more info than that? Hrmph, heheh. Ye, I sell magic. Magic and mushrooms, yessiree. That enough for you? Eheheheh. *He ends his rough chuckle as he puffs on his pipe a bit more, though draws it away to cough.*

Ye, the crystal caves! Yer in 'em, that ye are. There's a few fair folk that live and work 'round these parts. Like that girlie Krystal. She's a gem, that she is... *He puffs slowly on his pipe.* I dun think she quite realizes her own insignificance. It's rather amusing, ya know? Sad at the same time. Ah well, none o' my business. *He mumbles the last bit around his pipe.*

There's a lot t' be done 'round here ya know. Many a-mineral to harvest and such. Most o' the other folk make their profit in such ways. But me, I run my own fine establishment, that I do. If ye was looking to do some alchemy or something such though, this might be the place! Dun ask me about it though, I dunno much 'bout such things.

I own a few buildings round here. Heheheh *It appears the dwarf is rather fond of his raspy chuckle.* Gotta have some place t' keep meh stock. I know what yer thinkin' too! 'Oh that dwarfs a poor old fool, he ain't got no money to own such fine real estate!' Well I do! Yesiree, I have a very lucrative business. Eheheh.

So you're a magician.
Magician? *The dwarf pulls his pipe away and lets out an uproarious coarse laugh.* I like ye, maybe yer not the fool I first thought. Eheheh. Aye, I be a magician. I sell magic plants, weren't ye listening?

Magic Plants?
*The dwarf coughs, then replaces his pipe.* I already told ye, not for you. They go to my paying customers. *The dwarf has a short fit of coughing, then stops.*

Are you sick?
No! *He continues cough a bit more.*

Maybe you smoke too much.
Damn ye! What did ye say? *He removes his pipe and leans forward angrily, yelling.* I'll be darned if I listen to a fool the likes of you! I'll smoke as much as I darn well like! To hell with anybody that tells me otherwise! Ain't nobody never died or not gotten sick from not smoking their pipe.

Good riddance. *He mumbles something more around his pipe then removes it to cough slightly.*