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NPC: Krystal

Location: Desert Pines Crystal Caves

Coordinates: 143, 42

A woman who considers herself to be the finest alchemist in all the lands, who stands outside her home in Crystal Caves, lost in thought.


Speak the Words

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*There is a beautiful young women standing outside her stone home. HeEL-DB.comr voice seems to fill the air with aspirations and dreams long gone.*

Hello, who are you?
Welcome to the Crystal Caverns traveler. I am Krystal; please don't make puns on my name, it's very tiresome...

I am an alchemist. If I might be so bold, I would say one of the greatest alchemists in all of these lands. But please let me be, I have much on my mind, and have little patience for idle chatter.

Crystal Caverns
*She sighs impatiently, but answers the question.* This large cavern is known as the Crystal Caverns, for reasons which will soon be apparent. It is home to many types of ores and minerals and is a very popular spot for sulfur mining. It is the main reason for most travelers to Desert Pines. Unfortunately, the cavern is rather big and easy to get lost in if you are new to the cave or neglected to bring a map.

*Her face brightens, and her voice takes on some enthusiasm.* Alchemy is the art of creating magical essences from various ingredients; and also refining ores into pure metal bars for use in manufacturing and crafting. It's easy to learn, and can be very profitable! If you wish to pursue a career in alchemy, I advise you begin by learning how to create Fire essences.

Desert Pines
*She frowns.* I'm sorry, traveler. I know little about the province aside from this cavern. Kalana was very helpful and informative when I first came here. She's the governor of Corren and should be able to tell you about the town and the surrounding area. My old friend Astra is a kind and helpful sort, but I do not know how much help she would be. Unless your interest is in summoning that is! *She smiles.*

What's bothering you?
I don't think that's any of your concern.* She says with a frown.* My apologies, but I do not wish to discuss my affairs with a stranger, nor burden another with my problems.

Well, my name is Krystal and I live in Crystal Caverns. While it seemed irEL-DB.comonically funny at first, the jokes have grown old and just bother me now.

As I said, she's the governor of Corren. She is a very powerful woman in these parts. You can find her outside the governors' house usually in Evergreen Woods. I hear that place has been passed down from generation to generation of governors. I sometimes wonder what sort of secrets it could hold. She is weirded out by essences in her home, though. It's quite odd.

I remember a time when I was bringing a batch of essences to Golric. He just so happened to be visiting Kalana. I brought the essences inside, and suddenly you would hear a sparking noise. Kalana shooed me out saying there was some type problem she needed to take care of. It was very weird indeed.

*You can tell she's getting fed up with your questions.* She's a summoner and she lives in Corren. I really don't want to talk much about her right now. We're having some problems.

He's the sheriff in Desert Pines. He probably only got the job because Kalana is his sister and she appoints city officials such as him.

Please, leave me be with my thoughts...