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NPC: Kyra

Location: Isla Prima

Coordinates: 153, 105

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Bow-Legged

A huntress elf, master of the bow and arrow, who lives on Isla Prima. She spends a lot of time in the woods.


Speak the Words

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*You see a woman with rather large, pointed ears which attract your attention. As you look closer, you realize her grace anEL-DB.comd beauty is undeniable.* Hello there. *She smiles as you realize you're staring.* What brings you to my neck of the woods?

Who are you?
*She wipes her hand off her furred leggings and extends it outward to you.* My name is Kyra. I'm a huntress living here on the isle.

What are you?
*She looks confused.* Um, I'm an elf? I'm guessing you aren't familiar with the races of these lands if you don't know an elf when you see one! *She laughs* It's understandable... it's mainly Lasud and I for elves on this island, though some others may turn up. Oh and there is the Wraith. That's definitely an interesting 'race.'

Well, there are plenty of small critters around here that are excellent for hunting and trapping. I was actually in the middle of setting up some traps under these leaves - these darn rabbits are hard to catch sometimes without a bow or a trap of some sort.

This is Isle Prima where every journey begins. A little cliche, I know, but it's true for many of the most powerful people in the world! I know I grew up here, but I loved how quaint and quiet this place was, I decided to make a living here. Sometimes I regret it because there are some annoying characters who hang around beam, but I tend to ignore them now.

It's absolutely wonderful the diversity of these lands! Of course, we've already touched upon elves, and humans are kind of self-explanatory. They are two of the most common races on this continent. The other common one is dwarves, people who are short in stature but strong in motivation. They are talented blacksmiths and typically keep to themselves. You'll find the dwarven kingdom in Mynadar and Nordcarn.

Between my race, the humans, and the dwarves, we are the primary occupants of Seridia. I would tell you more about the continent, but I'm sure there are others more worldly than I who can tell you more. You'll also find a few rarer races on Seridia. One of which is the majestic draegoni. Like the name suggests, they look as if they are a mix of a dragon with humans.

Like dragons, they have a very magical quality about them. I love seeing their scales glisten in the daylight. *She gleams.* Then there are the cousins of the dwarves: the gnomes. They are also smaller in EL-DB.comstature but much less muscular than dwarves. They are all about science and research. Word of advice, never get a gnome started on a topic they are researching or they may never stop yakking your ear off.

And at last there is the orchans. Even though they look as if they are a mix between and orc and a human, their kind is much more civil and honorable than that of orcs. In fact, they are a people that believe in judging someone on their strength, heroism, and bravery. But these races are more common on Irilion which is quite far from here. *She says as she pushes her hair behind her ear.*

That ghostly figure just north of here? That's the Wraith. He's a very important and powerful being. I'm not really sure how he's come to Isla Prima, but it's a great honor. Go speak with him to see the services he offers.

She's a fellow elven woman who was sent here by Lord Luxin to help guide those whose future is unclear. She usually hangs outside of the tavern in town. After all, that is a great place to find anyone. *She chuckles.*

I'd like to see you walk from the tavern to the docks without running into a rabbit or a beaver and not trip over a brownie! Isla Prima is one of the safest havens in all the lands and the animals are great for any new hunter to safely train on. They move quickly and it's a bit overwhelming at first, but some people, like Novac, may offer rewards for your hunting skills!

He's an all-rounder type of person.. he dabbles in just about all of the skills like most researchers do. But he can tell you more about himself.. I don't talk to him much. He's somewhere on the Isle.

Hands-down my favorite type of hunting! With a quiver on my back and a short bow in my hands, no critter can escape my arrows. It took me a while to get used to it, and a lot of gold coins! Let me tell you, archery isn't the cheapest of the skills to begin. But when you decide to, I suggest seeking out Hawkins in Nordcarn to learn more.

I might be able to help you get started though, but I will need your help. Are you interested?

It's a colloquial name for the fireplace on the center of the isle. There is a global spell that will bring its user back to that very location, no matter where they are in the world. Granted, some areas cause the spell not to work, but they are uncommon.

I could talk for hours about all the different professions you could do! Sadly, I'm not well-versed in many of them, but I can certainly send you in the right direction! First off, the most common skill is harvesting. You need flowers and ores for just about everything, whether it be essences, potions or just making money. I'm a decent harvester, but I'd suggest talking to Alhana.

She runs the flower shop in Tirnwood. Now if you want to make beautiful jewelry then crafting is a good route to take. I hear there is a talented crafter named Christopher in Lakeside. Of course, if you want to be a blacksmith, everyone needs to start with the little things. Find Granny Lorpak in her cabin on the island, she can probably help teach you something. I know her husband was very talented.

And as for potions, you can find Margie in White Stone City. She is Mira's apprentice, and Mira is probably one of the most renowned names in potions. Now if science is more your thing, who better to learn from than a gnome! Lord Luxin's chief engineer, Gwen, is very helpful with teaching new engineers. She is usually lurking in the depths of the White Stone palace.

Oh and do you like the tunic I'm wearing? Maybe you'd like to be the one to make it! Tailoring is a great way to make garments and Gemma is the one you want to learn from. She's a talented gnomish tailor who makes her home in the Valley of the Dwarves. And if you decide maybe you want to have an arsenal of minions to do your bidding, try your hand at summoning. Find Maia in Grahm's Village.

I hope that bit of name dropping helps you out some. They are all quite experienced and can help you greatly.

Goodbye. Good luck wEL-DB.comith all that you do.