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NPC: LaBelle

Location: Desert Pines Temple of Elandria - Bottom Level

Coordinates: 95, 174

A servant of Elandria who works in her temple. She is a wealth of knowledge about Elandria and the importance of alchemy.


Speak the Words

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*You see a beautiful blonde woman. You approach her and she smiles* Hello EL-DB.comthere and welcome, traveler. Won't you come in and make yourself at home?

Who are you?
Well aren't you the sweetest and thank you for asking. My name is LaBelle and you're here with me in Elandria's lovely Temple, may she forever preserve and protect us, praise her holy name. Is there some way that I can help you, dear?

Well, now, job just does not begin to describe the joy and privilege it is for me to be here so close to the glory that is Elandria herself. Can't you just feel her loving arms all around you? And for me it is a pleasure to perform my duties to the furtherance of her wonderful name.

Who is Elandria?
Oh you poor thing, not to know who Elandria is. You just come right over here and have a seat and I'll tell you all about Elandria.

Could you get to it then?
Well all right, then. To say it short and sweet... Elandria is the goddess of Alchemy. Isn't that the most amazingly wonderful thing you've ever heard?

So are you her priestess?
Oh goodness gracious me, no, child. I am but her humble servant biding my time here to bask in her magnificent presence and help travelers such as yourself.

What is Alchemy?
Why Alchemy is the art of capturing elements from nature and combining them into their purest, concentrated and permanent form. Take Fire for instance: by uniting a single red rose, a solitary red snapdragon and an individual lump of sulfur, all quite ordinary every day objects, you can, with the beneficent aid of Elandria, fuse them all together to form a mighty Fire Essence.

What's so great about a FE
It is one of the most fundamental building blocks of our modern society. Without the mighty Fire Essence, there would be no metals at all. Our crafters would not be able to have the molds they rely on foEL-DB.comr making their rings or necklaces or have the power to combine refined natural objects into works of art and beauty that bring out the sparkle in my eyes. Without it, we would all simply cease to exist.

You're exaggerating.
Perhaps I am just a little. I don't really think we would all disappear just because we didn't have Fire Essence in our lives, but without it, how would we cook our meals?

Any other fundamentals?
Certainly. The essences of Water, Earth, Air, Matter, Energy and many others including Magic can be refined out of the resources that come from the gifts nature provides to all of us. And if you work at it hard enough, the essences of Health, Life, Spirit and Death can be created.

How do I learn more?
With time and study and some practice, you too can serve Elandria just like me. Well, maybe not just like me. Teehee. Now, there's not a lot of study involved, mind you, but I won't lie to you - you'll have to read some books, but most of what you'll need you'll find in Elandria's Encyclopedia of Alchemy. You probably already have a copy that you brought with you today.

What does Elandria get out of it?
Only the most perfect and altruistic goal of all time: world peace.

Well all right then, but you come back soon and see me sometime, you hear?