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NPC: Lady Celeste

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 99, 272

Among the nobility of White Stone city, she feels safer among the monsters in Grubani than she does among the nobles.

Lady Celeste

Speak the Words

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You see a tall, willowy woman with reddish hair who is quickly looking around. She is dressed in titaEL-DB.comnium chain, leather pants, leather boots and a camouflage cape. There is a fiery sparkle in her eyes.

Who are you?
Oh, you poor, blind dear. Hello. People call me Lady Celeste. Your invisible friend is wise: these environs are dangerous. He is also very kind to be helping you, but he got one thing wrong, my hair is auburn.

Yes, I get that from my father, who is a nobleman in White Stone City. My full name, however, can be exhausting. It is Carmen Elizabeth Luella Eunice Stephanie Theresa Emmanuelle, but I prefer Celeste for its simplicity and brevity.

Invisible friend?
Yes, the man with the low voice who was describing me for you, where is he? I could hear every word. Except for the color of my hair, his description was quite accurate. The energy he put into my description makes me mindful of those merchants in the marketplace who describe their goods for all in the vicinity to hear. Anyway, as soon as he started speaking, I started looking around.

He startled me, and that is a very rare sensation for me. When I could not locate him with mine own eyes, I suddenly realized that he must be invisible, so kind sir who so accurately described me, I compliment you on your wisdom for being invisible here.

I'm not blind.
Oh goodness me. Please forgive me: I've been insensitive yet again, haven't I? Let me see, what is the proper phrase at court this season? Ah yes, optically challenged, much better, if I do say so myself. Can you ever see it in your heart to forgive me? Oh, I didn't mean to be insensitive again when I used 'see' just a moment ago.

Wow, that's a long name
Yes, such is the plight of the nobility, but it has had its advantages. Usually by the time my parents managed to remember it correctly and in the right order, they'd forget why they were angry at me in the first place. They'd try to decide whether Elizabeth came before Eunice or Emmanuelle. Those arguments alone were worth the price of admission.

So why aren't you at court?
Primarily, I am here rather than at court because out here, in the wilds of Grubani, I feel safer than I do at court. Imagine the monsters that are found here: they are strong and brutal, yes, but they are fEL-DB.comorthright, direct and honest in their motivations, wholly unlike the monsters I perceive at court who are petty, manipulative, immoral, crass, insensitive, and that's just the men, the women are even worse.

I could go on and on about how strongly I despise those who attempt to rise to power at the expense of others, delighting in the misfortune they cause. In all honesty, I find the trolls and other monsters here to be nobler than any of the nobility at court. And to top off what they are doing to that poor Orchan man... it's horrible.

The price of admission
My parents have not always been as supportive of all my decisions in life. To their way of thinking, teaching me letters, elocution, rhetoric, governance, and needlepoint was the course they had set for my life, but every now and again, I would grab the tiller and steer my life in a different direction.

Please don't misunderstand my situation: there were aspects of the training they granted me for which I am extremely grateful, elocution for example, but imagine their shock and surprise when they discovered me learning the sword from our Master at Arms. They naturally forbid me from continuing those lessons, so I would watch my brothers learning from the Master and I practiced on my own.

Imagine their horror years later when I single-handedly defeated my three older brothers at the sword during a practice where they meant to teach ME a lesson. The looks on their shamed faces was priceless, though I did regret bloodying their noses, but it was the first time I'd seen those noses lowered in a very long time.

No, really. I can see you perfectly
My goodness, but then who was the man who described me so faithfully?

It happens sometimes when I meet new people
Then you must certainly lead an enchanted life. I am quite jealous.

When my brothers and I were young, we would play Hide and Seek, a game at which I excelled. There was nowhere they could hide that I could not find them. Over time, however, I became ever victorious eluding capture. I trained my senses hunting the nobility. I could easily track any of them without their knowledge all the while remaining unnoticed. When my father began listening to my dinner-time

tales regaling the members of my family with the exploits of other nobles, he began using the information to advantage, but the ones I had been following soon realized where my father's source of information might have been coming from and they tried to trap me. It was so obvious to me and very clumsily executed. I think it might have been then that I decided life at court was not for me.

You are currently standing on a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out into the Ghealan Sea. A principal location, for those who summon up the strength to get there, is the fortified city of Ywarstav, but it is not the only location travelers seek out. Omlinor village holds the only port found here where travelers arriving from Portland City disembark.

A popular destination is Marlin Cove, but the thorough traveler should not miss the shipyard or Styks Swamp. These lands are one of the only known colonies upon this continent that houses the Orchan race. These are quite a remarkable people and people do not give them enough credit. There is one man here, named Throvnc, who is in charge of the tribe.

I have never heard him utter a single word, yet he still is able to lead the tribe very well. I will one day figure out how he gets his message across to the tribe members.

How do you know this place so well?
I have traveled through here extensively after reading about a brave hero from White Stone named Kalenthro. His story inspired me and since I found I could track nobles so easily, I wondered if I could track the monsters here. Fortunately, I can evade them as well as any ambushes that they might set.

I have gained a reputation as a monster hunter, here, and adventurers sometimes hire me as a guide as they seek out their 'trophy' experience. But, I stay mainly because this is one of the last places on Draia that any of the White Stone nobles will come.

Orchan man
He goes by the name of Thor. His reputation isn't the best in White Stone CEL-DB.comity, but I know he could never commit such a crime he is being accused of.

Recently, a noble by the name of Sir Calaway was murdered. Typically, there would be an investigation before an accusation, but Sir Calaway was the cousin and advisor of Lord Luxin, so Antigone was forced to speed up the process. Thor is the one being accused of Calaway's murder because of his fierce personality and appearance. Last I heard, he was on the run.

Sir Calaway
I was taught not to speak ill of the recently deceased, but Sir Calaway was as corrupt as they come. Father never really liked the man and he would tell me of all the bribes Sir Calaway would take and in turn, he would convince Lord Luxin to make a decision that was in the best interest of the one who bribed Calaway. If I had to take a guess, someone finally became fed up with this scenario and killed him.

This advice I always give freely: keep your eyes open and watch where you step.