The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Lasud

Location: Isla Prima

Coordinates: 63, 136

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Blast From the Past

A guide sent by Lord Luxin to assist new arrivals to Isla Prima.


Speak the Words

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Before you stands a young looking elf. Seeing EL-DB.comyou coming, she greets you with a warm voice:
"Hello, [player name]. Do you need any help?"

My name is Lasud, and I am a guide sent to welcome the new arrivals such as yourself.

Yes, Lord Luxin of Whitestone sent me here. Recently we had a lot of new people spawniEL-DB.comng out of nowhere, which is quite odd. My job is to explain a little bit of our world.

Where am I?
You are currently on Isla Prima.

Isla Prima
Isla Prima is a small island South East of Seridia. It is used mainly as a trading outpost, and small port where cargo ship crews can rest in their long voyage. Being situated between Seridia and Irilion makes it a busy place.

Seridia is the name of the continent North West of here. Seridia is situated near the equator, in the northern hemisphere of Draia.

New Arrivals
Yes, this is very strange. A lot of new people arrived here without knowing HOW or WHY they got here. Fortunately, Atekel is skilled in the regressive hypnosis art, so she can help you remember the things you have forgotten. I believe she can help you, as she has helped many others before you.

As I was saying, she practices regressive hypnosis, which helps you remember past events that, for some reason or another, you have forgotten. If you wish, I can give you some directions on how to find her.

There are two ways of getting there. First, you will need to go to the docks. They are marked on your map (click on the map icon), so you shouldn't have any problem getting there. Then go into the boat, and off you go to Lakeside (to use the boat, stand in/near it, select the pointing finger icon, and click on the ship flag/banner).

Once you get to Lakeside, you can either go north and enter Nordcarn, or you can take another ship (the ship south from the ship you came on) to Corren, in Desert Pines. Then take another ship (south of the ship you came with) and you will arrive at Mynadar. Then go south, and you'll arrive in Nordcarn.

As soon as you get to Nordcarn, open your map again, and go to the magic shop, which is denoted by a yellow circle, like all the magic shops. If you get lost, you can type "#beam me up" (no quote marks), and you will go back to Isla Prima.

To access the log of this conversation, select the quest log icon and, if necessary, use the up/down arrows in that menu. Note that only the important conversations will be logged, such as SOME mission objectives.

Corren, located in Desert Pines, is a small, independent city. Due to its port and its proximity to Crystal Cave, it's a pretty busy place. They have an autonomous government over there, so they are independent. You can find there a tavern and a general store. South, in the desert, you can find a storage to store your items and a minerals trader, named Harvy.

Nordcarn is just south of Mynadar, and North East of White Stone city. It's an ancient dwarven city; some even consider it the cradle of the dwarf race.

Mynadar is a small port city, built and inhabited by the dwarves, close to a gold mine. In there (Mynadar, not the gold mine) you can find a tavern, a flower shop, and a general store. There are a lot of wild animals around it, as well as some gardens with vegetables people often steal.

Lord Luxin
Lord Luxin is the ruler of WSC (White Stone City), but he doesn't have absolute power. People here don't like despots, so there are laws regulating what the ruler can and can't do. Nevertheless, Lord Luxin is a very nice man, and his main concern is the well-being and security of his people.

Whitestone is an area in the central part of Seridia that includes Whitestone City (WSC), Lakeside Village, Tirnwood Vale, and Grahm's Village. Their form of governEL-DB.comment is some sort of monarchy, and the current leader is Lord Luxin. In WSC you can find 2 taverns, a general store, a magic shop, a flower shop, and a blacksmith.

Lakeside Village is a small fishing village, that belongs to Whitestone City. It has a tavern, general store and a blacksmith.

Tirnwood Vale
Tirnwood Vale is a big village, South East of Whitestone city. All the houses are built in big trees, and we, the elves, live there. While Tirnwood Vale is a Whitestone City commune, we do have a lot of independence. Nevertheless, some of our elders do try to get us a clean break from WSC. Personally, I don't know if this is good or bad; politics is not my main area of expertise.

Irilion is a large continent, located South East of here. Currently we do not have any trading routes with them, so it is hard to get there.

Draia is the name of our planet. I am not an astronomer, so I can't give you much detail about it. All I can say is that it's a very beautiful place.

Walk in peace.