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NPC: Lauren

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 254, 339

An archer looking to hunt birds and other creatures in Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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As you approach, you watch an energetic woman take a fresh bow string, then smootEL-DB.comhly and gracefully string her bow as she scans the sky and the surrounding area.

Who are you?
I'm Lauren. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too
So you like the outdoors too? For me, a view of the stars at night after a fine feran steak cooked over an open fire is my idea of heaven on Draia. That's my tent over there, by the way.

What are you looking for
Nothin' gets by you, does it. Well, that's nothin' to be ashamed of either, especially for someone like me. I'm an archer. I was looking for birds or other animals. Palon Vertas is a nice place for these things.

Birds? What kind?
Both Red Tailed Hawks and Blue Falcons can usually be seen floating on updrafts around here. I wonder what it would be like to be able to do what they do. Too often, though, they can be brought practically to the point of extinction and from my point of view, that would be a tragedy.

What else?
Skunks, if you haven't caught a whiff of them yet, as well as raccoons and ferans run around here. From time-to-time, I've even tracked a deadlier beast that roams through these parts. That's one I certainly want to avoid, if you know what I mean. From the footprints, it's some kind of big cat.

What is this?
You like it? I don't know what it's called, but its purpose is pretty clear. From here archers can stand before shooting their arrows at the targets over there and no one can accuse anyone else of cheating because one of them was standing closer to the targets than the other one. Except for a nearly tragic accident, this device has worked out perfectly.

What went wrong?
Some dumb ass decided he'd harvest from those tiger lilies over there and nearly got himself turned into a pincushion. How he could have failed to noticed the competition we werEL-DB.come having is beyond me. My competitions tend to be on the loud side. We used to hold them in the city until noise complaints were filed, then the mayor's wife revoked my permits.

Any other interests?
Apart from archery and the outdoors, I've taken up tracking and hacking. It's kind of like a responsibility, but it also keeps me outdoors.

Hacking? How? A laptop?
*She frowns and tilts her head.* No, not that kind. Hacking is also a method of raising and releasing baby hawks and falcons into the wild. This can even be done in areas where birds of prey no longer live, thereby reintroducing them into their natural habitat.

Take care and watch out for those large cat prints I mentioned.