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NPC: Leela

Location: Naralik Catacombs

Coordinates: 142, 127

A field reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars, who is currently researching the people who established a library within the Naralik catacombs.


Speak the Words

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*A tall draegoni is idly flipping through the pages of a book she's plucked off the shelf. She is modestly dressed and the calmest looking person you've ever seen. Suddenly, she sEL-DB.comeems to be surprised by something she's read, but the only way you can tell is that her right eyebrow raised involuntarily.* Are you also interested in researching obscure cults?

Who are you?
An appropriate question. I am Leela, a field reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars, and I am researching my next article about the group who enstablished this library. I specialize in stories regarding worship and religion, like this cult.

Obscure cults
The Mortosian Penetants established their library here. They were a short-lived group who believed that by inflicting pain and suffering on themselves they could mitigate the evil Mortos represents. They were led by a man calling himself Father Sebastian, a literate and charismatic man who codified his beliefs into these volumes.

What happened to them?
They were led to believe that when a comet passed over Draia with a red tail, it would be hiding a ship of aliens who would swoop down and carry them, the true believers, off into the vast reaches of outer space beyond the influence of the Draian pantheon. On the day when the comet was closest to Draia, these cult members locked themselves away from all non-believers.

Father Sebastian gave each cult member a sip of what he called 'Mother's Milk' which would help the aliens know who to take. In reality, this liquid caused even the slightest cut to continue bleeding. During the culmination of their celebratory final ceremony of self-mutilation and flagellation, they bled to death, but not before Father Sebastian disappeared.

The aliens
A fabrication: he left his members to their doom and took all their possessions with him. This is why I consider this group to be a cult. It is doubtful that Father Sebastian was his real name, but all of this is common knowledge. My article, however, will go into greater depth.

How can you read that?
Reporters for the association are trained to be objective, unlike some inhabitants of these catacombs you may find - particularly Tirrant. While this concept is secondary among our guiding principals, I find it especially useful and my editor finds my articles satisfactory.

Editor Chariste can be found in IdaloraEL-DB.comn. I find her to be fair and impartial.

What about Tirrant?
Tirrant is not associated with A.S.S. although many consider him to be one. An interesting individual, this Tirrant. I have also interviewed the priests Dirhyan and Sirhyan for a more modern perspective on Mortos worship. Tirrant himself belives he is a god in his own right. Perhaps I will do an article on him one day soon.

Your story
It will take some time before I've finished with these volumes which is why my articles do not appear in each issue. I will submit it once it is completed. My stories sometimes takes months.. even over a year to cultivate.

So what do you think?
An inappropriate question. My job entails presenting information highlighting the many sides of a subject without emotional involvement that could lead the reader to suppose something about this author's point of view. I strive for precision and accuracy while also being thorough. What I think is irrelevant. After you read my article it will be up to you to decide what YOU think.

Ok. What did you observe?
Much better. You're getting the hang of it. I observed a great deal of posturing along with emotional outbursts and bravado among all but Dirhyan.

Do you serve Mortos?
*Her eyebrow shifts skyward again.* That would be illogical.

Radu's note
Radu's personal note, very OOC stuff:
I want some of the stuff the person who wrote this NPC smokes. There are many options that make no sense whatsoever, such as "How can you read that?". Where the fuck did that option come from? Later on, the "Your story" options comes out from nowhere too. Almost nothing connects in this NPC...

Good day to you.