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NPC: Lehha

Location: Tahraji Desert

Coordinates: 243, 157

The highest ranking officer in Tahraji Desert.


Speak the Words

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You see a fierce woman, her skin telling the story of a life in the desert, her eyes as blue and deep as the ocean. She wears robes oEL-DB.comf white, but you can tell they conceal armor underneath the cloth. She takes a step towards you, her hand swiftly going to her sword.

Wait! I'm a friend!
Of course you are; if you had been an enemy, you would be dead by now... do you think I'm a noob? Our sentinels had already signaled that you were approaching. Still, this leaves questions open: Who are you? Why are you here? Izet likes to send us odd people lately.

Who are you?
My name is Lehha and I'm the top-ranking officer around here. That means I'm the one giving the orders and the one you have to thank for having spared your life so far. *Although the words are scary, you can see that a smile is surfacing on her countenance.*

Just visiting
Visiting... as if there was much left to visit. You will not find the great city of Matajin here and now, my friend! So, your steps have betrayed you, unless you want to visit the desert itself.

My hometown, the most beautiful city on Draia, Seat of the Empire, Rulers of the Seas, the Wonder of the Desert, the blessed city of the People of Izet... alas, Matajin is no more. It was taken from us.

Matajin was the capital city of the Matajin Empire. We used to rule all of Tahraji and the Kamara Desert, the northern part of what is now Portland, and then east to the land of Kilaran. And our fleet covered the seas with their white sails, controlling pretty much all the western approaches to Seridia.

It might seem strange, eh? We, a desert people, rulers of the seas... Yet that was the nourishment of Matajin. The city had the greatest harbor around here and had control of all trade between the various regions of our empire and the rest of Seridia.

Not only that, but the fleet was also the backbone of our military strength. Ah, those were the times! We would land a raiding party on the coasEL-DB.comt off Ywarstav, pillage, and when we returned the loot would all be shown off and sold in the market square! *She seems to look far behind you.*

To be honest, the city militia was not that much, and controlling the desert did not need strong forces - a small garrison holding an oasis would actually control a vast expanse of desert. Unlike our enemies, we could move our forces very quickly in the desert so that we always had superior forces where the battle was, instead of wasting men in forts all over half of a continent. Mobile warfare was our thing.

But our navy was the finest in all Seridia, and the Palace Guard, my men, were the bravest in all the army. Thanks be to Izet, many of them survived the Downfall, and now we endeavor to protect what is left of our people.

A small city, down in the south - actually, I think it must be the southernmost city in all Seridia, from what I've been told. That country is called Grubani and once you pass by that cape, you enter the waters controlled by Lord Luxin's navy - if that can be called a navy! *She laughs, but soon she realizes the joke is... outdated and becomes very serious.*

Lord Luxin
If you have been traveling around a lot, I'm pretty sure you have heard about him already. He is the ruler of White Stone, a well-ordered region in the southeast, and probably the only foreign power to really rival our own. We had some border skirmishes years ago, mostly pointless. I believe we would have had a confrontation at some point - if not for the Downfall.

*As you mention it, she covers her face briefly with a scarf, then after a brief moment of silence, she starts talking in a low voice...* I don't know exactly what happened; it was a time of great turmoil... At the time, voices were spreading news of a fleet of dark elves coming to attack us which caused panic all over the city.

The Tikkaresh they were called, and whence they came from, I know not. To this day, I don't know if they were real, or some sort of illusion played on us by the Abhorred God. In the end, we were tricked, not defeated.

Our Lady Vesepia was led, by false promises and cunning words, to perform a ritual by which thEL-DB.come magical protection that our protectors Selain and Izet had placed on the city was withdrawn.

And then?
That day, half of the city crumbled into the depths of the ocean and the rest was buried by the sands of the desert while an earthquake leveled our beautiful buildings. Tahraji itself is now smaller than it used to be, an entire region disappeared.

And while I can't blame King Verue or Lady Vesepia, it was them who sealed the doom of Matajin. But please, let us change the subject. Such memories make old scars painful and my people's lives are better focused on the future rather than tormented by former glories.

As Captain of the Guard, I used to have frequent contacts with her. She was our King Verue's consort; a brilliant politician, and I'm honored that I have been called her friend.

Verue was chosen as king several years before the Downfall. Some voices were raised against his... swift methods of government. I still don't know of his fate after the demise of Matajin.

Our past is gone, our present is grim, but we are people of the desert, and we know our strength. All our tribes - the Majini, the Tahjrah, and all the smaller tribes - have sufficient blood in their veins to start rebuilding our former glory. In time, we will claim back the Kamara desert and rebuild a capital for ourselves. Corren and Portland will again fear the sands of the desert!

Izet is the god of the sands, the Desert Spirit. He was, with Selain and Lucaa, the protector god of our Empire. Now that we live in the desert, he is closer yet and widely worshipped by our people. Oh, so sweet were the nights of Izet's festival... *She seems lost in memory for a moment.* We still rely upon Oren to lead us in ceremonies honoring Izet.

The goddess of the sea, she used to be the protector of our fleet. Little is left to protect now. And I am not sure someone is still worshipping Lucaa among us, there are dark tales that she waEL-DB.coms behind the catastrophe that hit Matajin in some way... Yet, she is the one keeping the oasis from disappearing in the desert, so we are still paying her some respect on appropriate occasions.

Oren is the only surviving priest of Izet after the Downfall and high priest to our great god. I often find him within the cave of Mortos Valley talking to himself. At first, I was skeptical of his sanity, but then I realized one day when I peered into a nearby pool and saw the reflection of a little boy who was not in the room with us. I was spooked, but then it dawned upon me: he was talking to Izet.

The reflection I saw in the pool was Izet's! Izet and Oren seem to communicate frequently and that's something I've never experienced before with the priests to other deities. This is why we hold Izet to such a high degree - he is probably one of the most active gods in his followers' daily lives.

He is the protector of merchants. Some say that he is actually the god of vice and greed, and HENCE of the merchants. *She giggles.* Either way, we used to worship him, and many still offer sacrifices to him, but to be honest I think that Izet cares more for us, overall...

Odd people
I rarely meet people from outside Tahraji here; at times people come here looking for books, or investigating about some old myth, or trying to take advantage of the special magic that still makes our land 'special'... odd fellows, looking odd, acting odd, talking odd. Odd in some way, like you.

Hello? Anyone home? Have you noticed your surroundings? *She laughs heartedly.*

Your men
My men, all the survivors from the Palace Guard, serving as bodyguards for our kings and queens since time beyond memory. We were - and, most importantly, are - the elite among the military forces in Tahraji. Don't be misled by their courteous manners, they could just as easily have slain an ambassador! *She winks.*

Good luck, may the sand be gentle undeEL-DB.comr your feet, and Izet guard your path.