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NPC: Logan

Location: Tarsengaard House (L)

Coordinates: 317, 30

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Oranges for My Big Belly

A former general, now an alcoholic and an overeater.


Speak the Words

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You approach a very large man sitting before the fire, he is holding what appears to be a bottle of ale. all appearances he was always a large man, but he certainly seems to have over-indulged in food recently.

Hrm? Eh? Who's there? *The man looks up, blinking furiously, you think he might be drunk.* Oh, hrm... is that you Hyutan? Yes I'd like another slice of that fine pie! Delicious, might have a couple before I go back home, been at the school all day, hard work... don't want to walk all the way down to the city...

Umm, sir, you're in the city.
What's this? *He blinks a bit and shakes his head.* Urgh, did I make it home? Fetch me one of those bottles will you? *He gestures to the cabinet.* One of them has water in it. *As you bring him back a bottle filled with what you hope is water he casts aside the ale bottle and takes it from you, he drinks greedily then sits back and sighs. He seems a bit more aware now, though you don't get your hopes too high.*

Are you alright?
Yes, yes, I'm fine. *He lets out a deep sigh and waves you away, you take a step backwards.* What do you want? *He grumbles after a few moments pause.*

Well... uh...
*The man lets out a deep chuckle.* Fine fine, whatever you please. I'm Logan by the way, if you don't know me already... g.g...General Logan. *There's a lost look in his eyes.* Pleased to make your aquaintence.

Yes! I am, well, was, a General! A great General! I fought in the Great War, slaughtered the hoards of Mortos, recruited the young woman who became the famed General Resia. If not for me, you might not be standing here! We might be slaves to orcs and dark elves and goblins and horrible creatures of all manner. You should thank me!

That sounds rather unlikely.
*Logan peers gloomily at you from beneath thick eyebrow, then sighs and frowns.* Yes, yes, I suppose you're right. Alright I didn't want to recruit Resia, Darcy made me... she did become great though you know! Without her we'd never have won the war. Bloody war, it ruined me. Darcy's off in Corren still general and laughing and living. Me, I'm here, fat and lazy, ruined.

General Darcy. He was and still is, the illustrious general of Corren over in Desert Pines. Along with others, we led the Seridian army in the Great War. Some of them died, some of EL-DB.comthem retired to happy lives, some of them went on fighting and serving. Me, I retired, now I'm nothing. Sure a few still praise me, but most know the truth. I'm a worthless nobody.

Why ruined?
Haven't I already said enough!? I came home from the war ashamed, it was others who managed to save things, set things right. I fought to the very end, yes I did. Only I was fighting my fellow generals, arguing, disagreeing. It's a good thing they didn't let me stay in charge, I would have ruined it all. *You find the floorboards suddenly fascinating as you notice something close to tears in his eyes.*

You can't be that worthless.
Well I am! I am! I can barely walk from my house to the magic school to visit friends and speak with that blessed good cook, all I can do is drink and eat. I should be commanding the garrison! But Daritha is better fit for that than me, for certain. She laughs at me, mocks me and my worthlessness. I'm no more a warrior or war hero than you are the queen of the draegoni.

Good Cook
That's Hyutan, the gnome. He's the cook for the magic school, busy fellow, no doubt you won't get two words out of him beyond his cooking if you ever see him. Gods bless those gnomes, he might be a bit sharp for his kind, but when he's not busy he's just like all the rest. Always kind. And he makes a damn good blueberry pie...

She's commander of the garrison now. Doing a better job than I ever did I daresay, though it is a bit odd having a dwarf in command. *He sighs and looks longingly at the ale bottle on the floor.* Dwarves are more and more common in Tarsengaard these days I suppose, it's home to many races.

*He nods and mumbles something, though the moment your back is turned you hear him picking up an ale bottle.*