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NPC: Lord Luxin

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 39, 714

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Clogged Sewers
  2. Clothes Breaking Daily

Ruler of White Stone City and annexed territories.

Lord Luxin

Speak the Words

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You see a middle aged man. By his clothes, you conclude that hEL-DB.come is some noble."Hello, [PLAYER NAME], what brings you here?"

I am Lord Luxin, the ruler of Whitestone City and the annexed territories.

Unlike Portland, Whitestone doesn't have a council, or the equivalent of a council. This makes me the one and only ruler over this place. Some refer to me as a benevolent dictator, while others call me a despot. The truth, as usually, is somewhere in between. Anyway, my attributions include making laws, setting taxes, act as a judge, arbitrate conflicts, and many other boring things.

Whitestone is an area, encompassing Whitestone City, Tirnwood Vale, Grahm's Village, and Lakeside Village. Whitestone City is the biggest populated area in Seridia, so being it's ruler is not exactly the easiest task. But enough about me, what brings you here?

The continent you are now is called Seridia. Irilion, Seridia and some small islands form the world of Draia, which is our little planet. It's a very small planet though, with a surprisingly high gravity for it's size. I guess this is given by the fact that it has a huge core of molten iron. Which also explains our unusually strong magnetic field.

Irilion is also part of Draia, like I was saying. It's in the southern hemisphere, and it's populated mainly by Gnomes, but you can find other races as well. Unfortunately there is very little trade between Seridia and Irilion, due to the increased pirate activities. We just can't afford to escort every merchant ship, we plainly don't have enough battlecruisers.

While most of the people call them pirates, I think there is something more to it. It feels like they are part of a bigger organization, because their technology is sometimes superior to ours. I believe that there is a stronger group behind them, supplying them with the equipment and logistics they need in order to be so damn effective.

Ever since Whitestone City was created by Lord Whitestone, the main city was controlled in a rather fascist way. This tradition continued all the way up to the current generations, including my EL-DB.comfather, may his soul rest in hell. It was me who finally broke this 'tradition' of ours, conferring the people the freedom and prosperity they deserve. Of course, this wasn't without a price...

The crime rate increased, some of the territories want independence, and some people are still acting like in the old days. Oh well, I didn't expect everything to change overnight. Maybe in the next 50 years the people will actually act as they should.

He was a bad ruler, and a big tyrant. He managed to get us into a war with the gnomes, and, obviously, we lost. They have far better technology than we do, and they are more resourceful. Their Gauss Cannons were no match for our fleet. And to make things worse, he was too stupid, or maybe proud, to give up.

No, if it were for him, all our base.. err, I mean resources would have been used for his nonsense war. Fortunately, me and a few other trustworthy people ended his reign of terror. That is, we killed him. And no, I have no remorse whatsoever.

Tirnwood Vale, Grahm's Village, and Lakeside Village. They are too small to be independently governed, so, with the exception of Tirnwood Vale, they are happy with their current status. The elves in Tirnwood vale, on the other hand, would like to gain their independence. I am still pondering whether or not I should grant them their independence.

You know, the usual stuff. A merchant accusing another of unfair competition, neighbors fighting for stupid reasons, and even married couples wanting to divorce and rip off their partner, by taking everything they have. Not really important stuff, but it takes away more time than I am willing to spend on such trivial matters.

Oh, please! What am I, everyone's personal historian? There is nothing really worth mentioning about our history. Really! But ok, I'll give you a very abbreviated version of our history: Some rich character, Lord Whitestone, decided to build himself a castle. The first castle in Seridia, for that matter. So he built it, using poor people, not unlike the big corporations from your world.

Then he needed some permanent slav.. err.. employees. He paid them ludicrously low amounts of money, and the work conditions were inhuman. Nevertheless, some people were so desperEL-DB.comate they needed all the money they could get, so they accepted this pseudo-slavery. In the beginning, there was his castle, and around it, at some distance, the 'employees' homes.

Well, in a few generations, more people moved in that area, more shops were opened and, eventually, through military terror other small settlements were conquered. Then I came, and changed the way we conduct business, both internally and externally. Obviously, there is much more to it than this ultra condensed version, but I am not exactly a person with a lot of time on his hands.

Not now, but I will, soon. Come back later.

Magnetic Field
One of my friends comes from your world, and he was totally puzzled by how strong our magnetic field is compared to yours. He was also amazed by the small size of our planet, and how it is capable to have such a high gravity. Anyway, according to his measurements, Draia's magnetic field is about 483 Gauss, whatever that means.

Gauss Cannon
They are the most advanced weapons we've ever seen. The gnomes invented them, using some ingenious combination of technology and magic. If my information is correct, they are using magnet monopoles, obtained by some magical means. We don't know much about how they work, the technology used is highly secret. They are also extremely expensive, and heavy as well.

So far, there are only two such weapons, mounted on the north east coast of Irilion. Some of our captains reported them being able to fire projectiles up 40 KM into the sea. Unbelievable!

Nice chatting with you. Come back any time!