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NPC: Lord Vermor

Location: White Stone Vermor Castle

Coordinates: 164, 46

Actual name Jarrett, he sits in Vermor Castle believing himself to be its rightful inheritor.

Lord Vermor

Speak the Words

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You see a darkly-dressed man sitting upon his throne. He scowls at the monsEL-DB.comters that roam the corridor and the creatures seem to ignore his presence.

Greetings. What brings a foolish traveler into this damned keep? If it is riches you seek, I assure you, all you will find here is a swift death. I will not impede your explorations, but nor will I have any sympathy or pity should you perish in your foolish endeavor.

Who are you?
*He gives you a wry look.* I sit on the throne of Vermor Castle, who could I possibly be? *He shakes his head.* I am the Lord of Vermor. With my brother no longer fit to take the title, it fell to me in his stead.

If you are foolish enough to explore this place, you shall soon find him. But believe me, the family resemblance is no longer apparent... *He laughs ruefully.* To think I envied the title. We were foolish to think we could reclaim our birthright so easily. *He sighs.*

*He lowers his voice, and looks about him warily.* A powerful and unscrupulous mage sought to use this castle for his god's schemes. He made sure to dispose of its inhabitants first. *He says with a look of disgust.* And the cost of reclaiming it was far too high... *His expression turns stony, but you could swear there is a glitter of tears in his eyes.*

Do not speak so loud! *He hisses.* Even the walls here have ears. You would do well to flee while you are still able, before you come to his attention. His magic is no paltry thing; his god blesses him with his power. I cannot protect you should you continue with your foolishness. Learn the lesson that my brother and I should have, and flee this place!

Some see this Adrian as a benevolent priest of Unolas, but I see past his guise. He is no more than a foul demon with the mask of human flesh.

Can I help?
*He looks at you incredulously.* You'd be better served looking oEL-DB.comut for your own skin. Somehow I doubt you'd be of any use to me.

Vermor Castle
*He sighs.* It was once a proud building, home to the descendents of King Vermor. Now it is just a monster's playground and will likely become my tomb... *He leans forward to whisper quietly.* It is a cursed place, with many innocent souls trapped in its walls. Best you leave now if you don't wish to join them.

King Vermor
You know, it's funny, my uncle never told us any tales of King Vermor. I know that he used to rule all White Stone, but little else. I wonder what he was like? Was it even worth trying to reclaim his heritage? *His brow creases pensively.*

Do you live here?
Do you think I could live my entire life in this place? I think not. *He shakes his head at your stupidity.* I have a home in Lakeside, but you dare not enter unless you wish to meet a swift death.

What's your real name?
*A look of shock washes over his face.* Most people do not even care what I used to be called before I inherited this title. My name is Jarrett. Very few remember the man I once was.

Let's say my brother is killed on a daily basis, but always returns to life. My brother Banner can be found guarding the grave of King Vermor, but trust me, he is no longer human.

Returns to life?
Since my brother's form is that of an ogre, he is affected by the Curse of Mortos. I am thankful for the Curse. Without it, my brother would have been dead ages ago and I would have no hope of returning him back to his original form.

Farewell. Luck be with you in your travels. *He wEL-DB.comaves.* You'll need it... *He mutters to himself.*