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NPC: Lustra

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall

Coordinates: 59, 166

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Master of Rings

An instructor at the Tarsengaard Magic School, she was also formerly a liaison to Irilion before access was more readily available to the continent.


Speak the Words

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A beautiful woman smiles and greets EL-DB.comyou energetically with a slight bow.

Who are you?
Hello. My name is Lustra. Welcome to the Tarsengaard Magic School.

My duties lie in the capacity of one of its instructors as well as its former foreign liaison. Unfortunately for me, we have little use for an ambassador now that all the lands of Irilion lie open to us.

Foreign liaison
I was chosen to represent the school on the Ocean Strider's expedition to Irilion. I'd hardly call myself a diplomat, but magic is the universal language in Draia and I had the drive and ambition to go. I also worked hand-in-hand with the Association of Scribes and Scholars to document my journey.

Ah Irilion, the lost continent that has been found once again... *She smiles wistfully.* The adventures we had there, they almost seem like a dream now...

There are far too many to tell. It would take a book this big... *She gestures vaguely* tell them all. Captain Gaildren and I left no land of Irilion unexplored, and believe me, that was no easy task! Did we discover all that could be discovered? Not in the least. There are mysteries that await, discoveries yet to make, and plenty of action and adventure remaining. Will you be the one to pursue them?

Captain Gaildren
He was the captain of the Ocean Strider on its first, and unfortunately what turned out to be its last, voyage. We spent much time together exploring Irilion. He is a dear... friend. *She smiles distractedly, lost in memory.*

Teaching students, research... the usual. *She sighs.* What I wouldn't give to be exploring new lands again... We know there must be more to this world than Seridia and Irilion, EL-DB.combut for now, these are all that are within our reach. Perhaps in the future we may discover other lands, and perhaps I may not yet be too old to explore them. *She smiles wryly.*

I also act as Grandmaster Jerun's assistant headmaster to the magic school. It was a promotion I received when I returned from my travels.

How do I get to Irilion?
*She frowns.* Although the magic school was involved in a project to create a permanent means of transport between the continents while I was away conducting my explorations, what kind of instructor would I be if I just gave you the answer? Not a very good one at that, I believe. So, if you're truly interested in finding the route, you'll need to do some research, particularly about Sarma.

I will tell you that there is a route, that I DO know as fact, but that route is not the only way. There are always teleport rings and spells, thanks to the cooperation of Irilion's magic schools. But, be wary! Irilion is a dangerous place, especially to those who are new to Draia.

Ocean Strider
Please forgive me. I often speak as though everyone knows the events that have occurred during my lifetime. The Ocean Strider is the name of the ship, just an ordinary ship - nothing magical, that was captained by Gaildren that we used to get to Irilion to begin with. We crash landed in an area known as Bethel. Rather dangerous place to end up too.

His tale is well documented within the libraries of Draia. Study it well if you dare to follow in his footsteps. His story is his voyage of discovery. Will I someday read of your footsteps of adventure and discovery?

Is this a writing course?
*She laughs at your question* You remind me of Arbella when she first arrived at the school. Young, talented, but naive. I'm not teaching you a writing lesson right now. A good researcher does do some writing while in a library, but out in the field, there are too many details, making it impossible to capture them all.

Like an alchemist, a good field writer must be able to capture the essence of their experienEL-DB.comces in order to activate the imagination of those who will read their words and be inspired.

My adventures?
*She seems surprised.* Why not, or else what purpose is there in this life? All of life can BE an adventure if you choose to see it that way. Discover the mysteries and secrets that are all around you. FEEL the excitement of those discoveries! Will you be the one who solves some ancient riddle?

If you learn anything from me, it is my hope that you learn this: your life is an adventure. If you doubt me, just ask George! That's what makes it worth living.

Bethel is a desert region located along the northern coast of Irilion. It used to be a rather quaint town but now you will just find mainly ruins. Of course, the beasts of sand haunt the ruins as well.

Beasts of Sand
Also known as the Desert Chimeran. They are very foul beasts. They appear to have once been wolves, but their current forms have been corrupted by evil. Their strength is rivaled by few and we lost some of our men while we traversed through Bethel. May their souls rest in peace.

She is one of our most talented students at the school. Knowing her, she's probably studying away in the library or trying to perfect her wind powers. Or she could be off gallivanting with her friend Raum. *She smiles.* It's students like Arbella and Raum that keep me teaching to this day.

Why are they special?
They have a true passion for knowledge. I can sense the purity in their goals and it is quite refreshing for a professor to see a pair of students not only seeking out paths to expand their power, but also their wisdom. I know Arbella has contacted Grandmaster Jerun, Donegal and myself for private lessons. It shows her true dedication to the practice.

When we made contact in Irilion, the Association was ecstatic. They started sending reporters over to Seridia immediately and I became an honorary reporter. BetwEL-DB.comeen the reports and the mental images I sent back to Seridia, it boosted my popularity greatly and I became a household name for a while there. It was great fun.

He is the potions master here at the school. He hails all the way from Irilion, too. When Grandmaster Jerun came over during out treaties with Irsis, he came across Donegal in a potion school there. He was so impressed, he brought him back to teach at the school. We are very lucky to have someone of his talent on staff. Lately he's been keeping to himself though. It's kind of strange.

He's a dear sweet man Jerun brought here to be the school's gardener. He's originally from Irilion with a unique story to tell as well as his own special blend of magic. Look for him on the school grounds somewhere. He's probably tending to the trees, plants or shrubs.

Farewell. *She nods politely.*