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NPC: Lynette

Location: Morcraven Marsh

Coordinates: 140, 250

A magic reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars, who is trying to listen in on shaman Nhala's prophecies.


Speak the Words

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You see a woman leaning up against the hut with her hands clapsed around ear. It appears she is trying to listen to what is going on inside the hut.

What are you doing?
*She jumps.* Oh dear! You gave me quite a fright. I'm only just trying to listen in on the shaman's prophecies. Don't tell her though, that could ruin my story!

Who are you?
How rude of me. I am Lynette, the magic reporter of the Association of Scribes and scholars. The A.S.S. as it is so... fondly... called by some.

The A.S.S.?
We are headquartered in Idaloran but you can find reporters all over the globe. Our reporters mainly stick with Irilion for stories, but you can find several reporters scattered throughout Seridia as well.

Yes. I work very closely with some of them... like Leela. She reports on religion and cults and in turn finds many ancient and dark magics for me to research into for my stories. There is also Avyia, one of our newest reporters. Last I heard, she got herself into some trouble in Portland.

Estilo is also on this continent somewhere, but good luck finding him. He is a master of disguise and can blend into any situation quite well. He's in disguise so much, I can barely remember what he originally looks like! There are a few others like Onyx and Colton reporting around here, but I haven't really worked with them before.

Her name is Nhala and she is a sort of oracle. It's a rare magic that I have not seen for myself, so I've been trying to overhear a prophecy given to one of her clients to see if it comes true. This will just be the cherry topping for my 'Magic of Morcraven' story...

Well I travel to various regions throughout the globe and research the magic native to that area. You' be surprised how hard it is to write articles on that... there are not many places to find true magic.

What about TG Magic School?
You are joking, right? That's not real magic, that is cliche magic. I'm talking about the magic that not everyone can do. The type of magic that people seek out in times of dire need. The type of magic that inspires awe in people when it's performed. This type of magic is hard to find... the magic taught at magic schools is basically cookie cutter spells... nothing unique about them.

Magic of Morcraven
It's going to be an excellent piece on the assortment of magics found in this marsh - a shocking amount really. There are three extremely powerful beings in this area, Nhala being one. Her magic is very reminiscent of the old shamans of Glydoc. Trust me, these days, that is harder to find outside the Redmoons.

I guess you are not native to Irilion. North and South Redmoon Islands are the native territories to the orchan race. They are off the east coast of mainland Irilion. Orchans are the last main worshippers of Glydoc, a shadow god. It's funny though, I actually came across a fellow named Squint who worships Glydoc as well.

He's part of the Black Cloak Brotherhood that runs Morcraven. I last saw him shooting goblins from atop Fort Hallgan. I talked to him briefly, he seems to have a vendetta against Jayden and prefers to worship the old gods.

Who are the other two?
Edlera and Ofira. Edlera is known for her powerful healing magic in the area. When I caught wind of that, I had to look into it! I followed her for days, watching what she does and how she heals people. I've never seen anything like it before!

Then there is Ofira. I had my doubts about her, but her talent is true. She has the ability to see the future. It was the strangest thing, I had her gaze into my future, and she saw a hammer. She said I should stop working too hard or else the hammer would bring me great pain. I laughed it off of course... I mean, I don't use a hammer in my line of work.

Then, when I was following Edlera later that day, I had to hide because I think she noticed I was behind her. I stowed myself away near the alchemy school - a corner - waiting for her to continue her routine. As I was about to leave to continue following her, a hammer fell down from the roof and landed on my head.

Do you know how bad that hurt? The blow to my head must have knocked some sense into me, because I realized what Ofira said had come true. I knew then her gift was real. But you can read more about them when I finish my article. Once I get the scoop on Nhala, I need to do some finishing touches on it.

Finishing touches?
Well there are still a couple more avenues I can trek down for this article. I've heard rumors of Ilie, the proprietor of the Battle Hall, possessing a strong transportation magic. Rumor has it he can channel the spirits of warriors and send them to a distant location to test their strength.

I also need to look into Iazurn and Kahlen, but I don't expect to find much. They are both priests of Jayden, but their magic is old news. While it is not as typical as the cookie cutter magic from the magic schools, the magic bestowed upon them by their gods isn't as unique as you'd think. Many other clerics and priests have the same magic type.

Good luck
Thank you. I just hope Nhala doesn't catch me... I heard she is fond of cursing intruders. *She shivers.* That could definitely put a damper on my article.