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NPC: Maechen

Location: Tarsengaard

Coordinates: 211, 213

Formerly a wizard, an older man whose memory isn't what it used to be.


Speak the Words

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You see a friendly old man. You senEL-DB.comse a powerful aura surrounding him.

Who are you?
My name is Maechan, the mightiest wizard in all of these lands. From magic to potions, I know all, see... all, and... uhmmm... control... What were we talking about? I don't remember. I'm ahhh... Who am I? Wait! I know this one. I'm Maechan. Hello. Nice to meet you.

Greetings, traveler. Have you seen my... Hmmm... Now where is it? Oh! You startled me. Greetings, traveler! Nice to meet you. What was I looking for?

Ahhh, well you see, time has taken its toll on me. *His shoulders slump.* I am just an old man now whose memory is not what it used to be. Sometimes spells and potion ingredients tend to slip my mind. What brings you here? Have I already asked you that? If I have, I don't remember. I hope you'll forgive an old man for that.

Just passing through.
Ok, then enjoy the rest of your day. Now what was your name again? Oh never mind. I'll never remember it if you tell me...

Can you teach me something?
Me? Pass on a lifetime of knowledge? Certainly, where shall we start? Potions or Magic?

Well, we're going to need some ingredients. Now did I pack them in this jar or that one? Drat! Where did I pack my vials? What are we making again? I've been trying to write down what I can remember in my encyclopedia. Someday, I'll get it published.

Encyclopedia? I've got it.
You have? Hurray! It's finished. I wonder when I did that? Seems like there arEL-DB.come other ways to learn things too. Do you have any ideas on what they might be?

No thank you. I've read my share, unless... Are you looking for books? If I remember correctly, there are some you can get up at the Magic School from... uhm... Good God! I've forgotten her name. She's quite lovely though. I never forget a pretty face or a set of horns with a nice curve to them. Oh dear. It seems I've been inappropriate. Please forgive me.

Right you are! What was the question again? Schools? Oh yes! Grandmaster Jerun! Now there's a name to remember. I think he runs a Magic School or something. Are you new here? There are other points of interest nearby.

Grandmaster Jerun
He's in charge of a Magic School. It should be around here somewhere. I might have been looking for it myself once. Anyway, I forget what he does. If you see him, I'm sure he could explain it far better than I can.

What others?
A ship! There's a ship here, I just don't remember where to find it or where it goes. I know of some caves, a few temples, a lost village, and some nice people. Every now and then, someone stops by and gives me some corn. Nice boys, I think.

What temples?
There are temples to the gods Lucaa and Zarin somewhere around here. I know Lucaa's temple is out on Roanof Island, but I've forgotten how to get there. Zarin's temple is to the south east. Seems like there could be another...

A lost village? Where?
Hah! If I knew that, it wouldn't be lost now would it? *His eyes suddenly become clear and focused.* I sense in you the heart of an explorer. *But his brief moment of clarity quickly passes.*

Oh thank you. That's very kind, but I'm tired now. I think I'll take a nap on my rug. Thanks for EL-DB.comstopping by. Come visit me again sometime and we'll continue where we left off...if I remember...