The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Maia

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 171, 102

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Summoning Daily

Leader of the Blue Falcon summoning guild, which operates from the summoning arena in Grahm's Village.


Speak the Words

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*You see a beautiful elf woman with a determined look in her eyes. SEL-DB.comhe appears wary and yet somehow quite enchanting at the same time.*

Who are you?
Are you part of the Red Snake guild?

Red Snake guild
Then I will answer your question. I am Maia, leader of the Blue Falcon guild. The Red Snake guild is another summoning guild that we oppose. Joseph leads the Red Snakes, but he's not here right now. What can I do for you today?

Blue Falcon guild
We're a group of summoners who are like-minded when it comes to training and developing the summoning skill. This is our arena where we train - often against those foul Red Snake guild members.

Why use an arena?
An arena like this is an excellent location for advancing the summoning skill. Let's say you want to summon something that normally consumes twelve mana points outside an arena. If you summon the same thing inside the arena, it will only consume six mana points. And, even better, if you're wearing a Conjurer Cloak like I am, it will consume six mana points outside the arena, but only three inside.

Where'd you get the cloak?
A friend of mine, Victor, in White Stone City, sells them. He's not hard to find. When you see him, tell him 'hi' from me.

What's going on?
Between the Blue Falcons and the Red Snakes? It has to do with behavior, actually, and that's where we disagree.

The behavior of the things we summon differs depending on location. Inside the arena, for example, if I summon two rabbits, they will fight each other to the death. Outside the arena, if I summon some rabbits, they will follow me around until they fade away completely unless they encounter any other creatures. Then they will attempt to defend me by attacking them.

members. In fact, to get into my guild you have to be just as passionate about my way of thinking about the behavior of summoned creatures and you have to be willing to fight the Red Snakes to prove my point. One of these days, we're going to beat it into their thick skulls and then they'll see the error of their ways.

What about a skilled summoner?
Even the most highly skilled summoner cannot control a summoned creature like a puppet master. Once your summoning skill reaches level 30, you'll be able to choose from several options that suggest what your current and future summons will do, but it is very limited.

Limited to what?
I can tell my summoned creatures to attack only summoned creatures or not, to attack my enemies or not, or to attack things at will or not. But still, my summoned creature still has its free will to move around where it wants. I can't, just as an example, summon a creature and tell it to find and attack Joseph. That's just not possible. And depending on what creature I've summoned, it will behave differently.

For example, when I summon bears, they tend to wander all over the place, curious about every little thing, but when I summon orcs, they act more like body guards and stay close. You see what I mean?

No. Something's bothering you.
It's really just guild business, but you're persistent and perceptive, so here's the scoop. It started off as a friendly game of capture the flag, but those damn Red Snakes turned it into something ugly at practically the first chance they got.

What happened?
Our two guilds agreed to Total War with a plan to capture an enemy pacifist from the opposing guild. Everyone on both sides knew who the enemy pacifists were. So, on the day war was declared, our pacifist was strategically located with Blue Falcon guardians protecting him. Scouts were deployed trying to find the Red Snake pacifist. The plan was for our scouts to find the location of the other pacifist, then

they would summon the troops, so to speak. Along the same lines, if our guardians spotEL-DB.comted any Red Snakes nearby, they would summon the troops to help protect our pacifist.

Sounds like a good plan.
That's just the basic outline. Each of us recruited someone not from either guild to act as an aid. The aids could bring us stuff we were running out of or heal us, but could not do anything to the enemy guild.

Cool. So what happened?
Some of those damn Red Snakes figured out who our aids were and they followed them, killed them and stole their death bags which was totally against the rules! When we confronted them about it, they totally denied it, and Joseph wouldn't do anything about it. So we're still at war and we're going to stay that way until they relent, return the stolen items, and pay OUR fee for ending the war.

Thanks. Hope to see you around the summoning arena.