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NPC: Marnala

Location: Irsis Irsis School of the Chemist

Coordinates: 28, 195

A chemist in the potion school in Irsis.


Speak the Words

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Welcome, traveler! Yes, you found what you were searching for, the best one you could possibly find! *As you look EL-DB.compuzzled at the slender elf that greeted you, she stares back at you with her best professional (and blank) face.*

Who are you?
Who am I? Oh... you have not come here seeking Marnala, the best chemist in Irsis? THE source for chemical lore? THE renowned researcher in the Sciences and Arts of Composition of Substances?

Ehm, not really...
Ah. Ok, another slow day for trade then. *She looks slightly depressed.* Well, doesn't matter, I'm Marnala, and it's still nice to have someone visit from time to time.

Not very lucrative business, eh?
I would rather not disclose my figures. But to be honest, I am finding myself unable to compete with Derzelas even in a niche market. I had hoped my stall inside the city would help... but no... so I'm back here teaching.

What is your trade?
My friend, I AM the best chemist in Irsis. And don't pull out that same old joke that I'm the only chemist in Irsis, I was first of my class, you know!

I wonder which class was that...
The School of the Chemist, of course, not far from here, east of the city. You know, Derzelas himself was my supervisor.

They have very good programs here: mostly biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics... that kind of stuff. Of course we also used to study the basics, but the real core of the program was to KNOW how and why all those concoctions work. We students used to joke that Derzelas's only relatives were vials and pestles! *The broad smile reveals a totally different person from the business elf you first met!*

Vials? Pestles? I don't get it...
Really? Come on, you must have used potions in your life! To heal a cold, get that little boost in time of need, have a quick bite... I'm sure you know EL-DB.comvials and pestles are the tools universally used to make potions, no? Derzelas used to have an enormous store of both in his apartment, hence the joke.

Which concoctions?
Potions, potions of all kind! The best potions you can get in Irsis! *She gets excited again for a moment, then looks at you intently, and in a split second calms down.* Ehm, sorry, we already were there. We students of the Irsis School of the Chemist are very proud that our knowledge is based on solid scientific evidence.

You know, most potioners would just make their mixtures based on traditional knowledge, handed down from older colleagues, usually by memory. On the contrary! We do in-depth research here. We also develop new potions from time to time! Potion of Radiation Protection, you have heard of that one? It was launched recently on the market... and it was developed here! *Pride gleams all over her face.*

Currently, they are researching new molecules they call 'polymers'. A former colleague of mine told me that if they succeed, we will have a revolution in clothing! Fashion business, increased exports to Seridia, reduced dependence on foreign imports. *If you look closely, you can see gold coins sparkle in her eyes.*

Besides being my supervisor, you mean? Oh, he is a great potioner... one of the best in Irilion! And also a very dedicated teacher, and even more successful businessman.

Where can I find him?
He lives practically secluded in his laboratory, which doubles as his house and lecture room. His place is right next door. He is rarely seen leaving the lab, although I remember at times we would get there and find the place empty... but I guess he had matters to attend to.

Which kind of business is he in?
*Her tone of voice changes, a mixture of admiration and competition surfacing on her countenance.* Oh, he trades in potions of course. He has a huge business on those, buying and selling all the time. But then, he also has extremely profitable contracts from the government. And then, his salary as a professor... the man must be rich as hell!

Profitable contracts?
Yep, he manages the aqueduct system for the city of Irsis. Keeping water clean and such - all safe and easy income from taxpayer money. I should nEL-DB.comot be saying this, but I recently read in a newspaper report that his presumed affair with Duchess Analeigh might have helped win the contract...

Who is this Analeigh?
That's DUCHESS Analeigh, for you. She is the government around here, heir to a long line of Dukes and Duchesses of Irsis - a good ruler and very respected, and very successful at promoting business in Irsis. In fact, she herself is a pretty good business elf, she owns factories abroad - in Arius, I believe.

Newspaper report
It was a piece by Sangaril, one of the best-known reporters on economic issues. Although on this particular occasion, she almost slipped into gossip, maybe tempted to replace Kelsey on the newspaper's payroll... oh, but I'm digressing.

Anyway, Sangaril was hinting that Duchess Analeigh had a soft spot for Derzelas and that the tendering for the aqueduct service might not have been really, verily, totally, perfectly above any possible doubt, if you know what I mean... *She winks* But I'm not implying anything, of course.

She was sent here by the Association of Scribes and Scholars to keep track of our booming economy. Irsis, after all, has such a strong financial background, it would be the obvious choice to have an economic reporter set up base here. I've even been interviewed for a few articles myself - I'm always willing to talk about my products! *She beams.*

I just love her section in the papers! I get to read all the gossip about everyone, even if it's people I don't know! Last I hear, Viorica, the girl who runs the storage in Emerald Valley, actually bites her toenails. HER TOENAILS! Can you believe that? We'll see if I ever use THAT storage again.

Take care, feel free to return whenever you want!