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NPC: Maroda

Location: Kilaran Field Fort Mardyn Tower

Coordinates: 104, 129

A guard in the tower in Kilaran Field who doesn't quite grasp that the war is over.


Speak the Words

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You see a heavily armored man standing watch. From the moment you've entered, his eyes seem to be trying to drilEL-DB.coml down into you to figure you out. He seems to be like a spring wound too tightly so you decide to be cautious.

Who the hell do you think you are and what the fuck are you doing here? Were you seen entering? Who are you with? Well? Speak up, damn it!

It's a simple question. Did anyone see you coming up here? Did you pass anyone outside?

Do people just not understand simple questions anymore? What has this damn war DONE to us?

Are you hiding?
Of course not. I am following my orders as best as I am able. It hasn't been easy - even from the start when there were just the three of us. I'm the only one left now to carry out orders that were given long ago.

What war?
Have you been brain washed or something? Are you blind? There's a war waging. It's been going on for years all around you! How can you not be aware of it?

Which war?
My god! There's more than one? Damn it! Why is this the first I'm hearing this news? Wait! Who sent you? What are you doing here?

I was exploring.
For which side? I still have not been able tEL-DB.como determine which side of the war you're on.

I'm taking a PK break.
This is not an outhouse. Take your break elsewhere after you tell me which side of the war you're on.

I'm avoiding that fluffy.
Who, little Princess? She has saved me from spies and other agents many times. I don't know how you got by her, but I want to know which side of the war you're on.

Who are you?
Maroda. I was ordered to guard this outpost quite some time ago.

Guarding what?
What all men guard: things of value. As for me, I'm mainly guarding my tongue, my word, and doing my duty. I am not a general who was schooled in strategy. I am a soldier who was schooled in obeying orders and fulfilling my duty. *You notice a glint of pride in his eyes.*

I'm not on any side.
Where are you from? Fabled Switzerland? There can be no neutral bystanders in this war.

Who gave you your orders?
My orders came all the way from the top, from General Logan himself. 'Secure and hold Kilaran Fields at all costs.' They were given to me and two others. Brewart stationed himself at Fort Baarg. He died during an invasion two months after we got here and secured the area. Grrelln held Fort Garisn until she died a couple years ago by a group of assassins.

The Great War?
*He slumps as though struck in the gut, then regains control, and stands straight.* There EL-DB.comcan be nothing great about any war, but that seems a fitting name for this god damned war.

The war is over.
False. If the war were over, I would have received new orders. That has not happened, so now I know which side you're on, trickster. Unlike the monsters on your side of the war, I will grant you a moment's mercy. I suggest you take that moment to flee from my sight before I spill your blood. Get out!

I'm leaving!
One. Two. Three... *From the other side of the door you hear him talking to himself.* If wishes were gold, I'd be rich. Wars are often fought in the minds of men. I have survived another battle.